Getting Creative with Paint

We have recently painted the kitchen and my bedroom with the whole experience of applying  paint to the walls has been really exciting for S and H.  Each time we re-decorate, the children like to get involved.  They are given slightly more responsibility as they get older.

Paint Party

I always make sure the music is playing and that we enjoy the decorating time, it’s like a paint party. Continue reading Getting Creative with Paint

10 Tips for the Perfect, Hassle-Free Home Renovation

A total home renovation is no easy task. Taking on such a big project comes complete with pitfalls, risks and responsibilities, so in order to help you renovate your home in an inexpensive and quick fashion, here are a few tips and tricks for you.

1. Create a Budget

Before you make a start on any task, create a budget for your home renovation. Familiarise yourself with the costs and expenses that you can expect during the project. In addition to establishing your core budget, set aside some extra funds for any unexpected emergencies along the way.

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