10 Tips for the Perfect, Hassle-Free Home Renovation

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A total home renovation is no easy task. Taking on such a big project comes complete with pitfalls, risks and responsibilities, so in order to help you renovate your home in an inexpensive and quick fashion, here are a few tips and tricks for you.

1. Create a Budget

Before you make a start on any task, create a budget for your home renovation. Familiarise yourself with the costs and expenses that you can expect during the project. In addition to establishing your core budget, set aside some extra funds for any unexpected emergencies along the way.

2. Long-Term Savings over Short-Term Gains

When it comes to home renovations, every penny counts, so you’ll probably be looking for every possible way to do your wallet a favour and save money. But while it is commendable and wise to be economical and save, there is a wrong way of saving.

The key here is to not compromise on quality. Luckily, however, there are numerous places that offer high-quality items such as wardrobes, door handles, and other fixtures and furniture that won’t ruin your bank balance.

3. Get the Right Tools

Another impractical way of saving money can be selling yourself short on the right tools you need for the job. While you could, technically, use your shoe to hammer in a nail, you don’t want to depend on sub-standard equipment to complete your renovation project. So remember: those boots are made for walking, not for hammering!

4. Settle on Decisions Before You Start

If you want the job to be completed without any complications or major delays, the best thing you can do is to make all the necessary decisions beforehand. Don’t leave it to the last minute to decide which material you want for your kitchen set, which kind of bed you want for your child’s room, or which bathroom accessories to go for. Make sure that there is a detailed plan before you start working — and make a note of it!

5. Style and Design

Speaking of having a plan, an important aspect of your plan will be the design of your house. While it is up to you whether you want to consult an architect or interior designer, you should have a good (exact, even) idea of what you want to change and how you want to change it.

Start with a detailed floor plan of your house and work from there. If you are looking for inspiration for your renovation, the internet is a near-endless source to find great interior design ideas!

6. Don’t Forget the Outside

Most home renovation projects focus on the inside of the house — sprucing up the bathroom, upgrading the kitchen or re-designing your bedroom. The outside of the house, therefore, often gets overlooked.

But remember that the exterior is the focal point of your house; it is the first and last thing your visitors see. So why not leave them with a good impression, and spend some time improving your home’s curb appeal?

7. Know Your Limitations

During the renovation, there are times when you can do-it-yourself, and there are times when you simply can’t and shouldn’t. While you might prefer to save a buck or two and simply DIY your home renovation, it is not always the best idea. So don’t bite off more than you can chew, as a botched DIY job can cost you dearly!

8. Communication Is Key

If you do decide to bring in a professional (which is recommended whenever the renovation includes working on plumbing and electrical systems), make sure they know precisely what you want. As with any working relationship, communication is of paramount importance; it can be the difference between excruciating re-builds and a seamless, successful renovation.

9. Don’t Live on the Site

Living on the site may seem like a good idea — no extra costs for a hotel, no living out of a suitcase, and you’re always there to keep an eye on everything. But the downsides to living in a home during renovation almost always outweigh the positives. In addition to being in the way of those working and potentially delaying the work, there are also fewer things more awkward than having to live for days and days without a fully-functioning kitchen or bathroom. So for the sake of your family, your house and the contractor, don’t put up a tent on the building site.

In addition to setting up temporary residence somewhere away from the construction site, it is also a good idea to pack away your valuables, such as laptops, vases and paintings, before work begins.

10. Prepare Yourself

The prospect of a renovated house is exciting, no doubt. You can’t wait to see your “new” home all sparkly and rejuvenated, and to live in a home more to your liking. However, the journey will be a long one. It is a journey filled with frustration, anger, fear and lethargy, in some cases.

So be fully aware what you’re getting yourself into; a home renovation, as mentioned earlier, is no walk in the park. In fact, it is more like an emotional roller-coaster ride, so strap yourself in: this is going to be a bumpy ride!


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Nigel Head-Jenner has been working in the hardware industry for over thirty years and is experienced in all aspects of architectural ironmongery. He is the co-founder of E-Hardware, which he opened together with business partner Paul Brebner in 2004.


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