5 Great Nights in That Will Put The Pub to Shame

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Wintertime is upon us, and no one really feels like venturing out and braving the weather just to go to the same old local. While the pub or local bar might not be appealing, we have to remember that it’s important to socialise and keep in touch with friends, even if all we feel like doing is hibernating! Why not organise a night in with friends? It’s cheaper, more creative and guaranteed to warm everyone’s spirits during this cold time of year. Here are some ideas for how to host an unforgettable night in with friends.

1. Homemade Non-alcoholic Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

Sometimes you have to put the kids to bed and get down to business with the grown-ups! Non-alcoholic ocktail parties offer much more than the pub and at a fraction of the cost. Choose an exotic non-alcoholic cocktail or two and all pitch in for the ingredients. At the party, start by learning how to mix each drink, and then taste test each other’s until you find the optimal measure. Make sure to pair them with some tasty snacks and juicy gossip!

2. Crafts and Scrapbooking Evening

We all take loads of priceless photos over the holidays, but then get so busy that we don’t even find time to import them from our cameras, let alone organise them. A scrapbooking or crafting evening is always a blast, and gives you the chance to organise your memories and share them with friends at the same time. We love Sunshine Scrapbooking supplies, as they feature high-quality paper and are based in the UK. Kids love crafting as well, so take advantage of your little helpers!

3. Pizza and Movie Night

Who says having people over has to be a party? There’s nothing wrong with inviting some good friends over and enjoying a classic film and some delicious food. Decide on a night in advance, along with the menu and film to prevent disputes and save time (especially if kids are involved!). When the day arrives, order delivery from your favourite pizzeria, get out some extra blankets and snuggle up with your best friends.

4. Juicing/Smoothie Party

Everyone is trying to avoid excess alcohol, sweets and fatty foods post-holiday season, so it’s no wonder our social lives take a dive. Who says you can’t have a fun get-together and be healthy at the same time? Juicing and Smoothie parties are perfect for diet seeking mums who want to find some great new flavour combinations and meet up with friends, too. Between juicings, you can browse juice recipe books like The Reboot, by wellness advocate Joe Cross and help each other stay motivated for a fit and fresh 2017.

5. Karaoke Party

Have you been avoiding the gym this winter? No worries! Nothing gets the blood pumping and heart racing like a karaoke session! It doesn’t take much to get friends and family on their feet with a Karaoke UK karaoke machine, and belting out a tune is sure to put everyone in a great mood.


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