5 Tips for Saving Money on Fashion

Clothes can be expensive but with these tips, you can start saving money on fashion.  I have spent many years struggling to afford clothes.  My circumstances have meant that I have prioritised by buying food, paying bills and buying clothes for my children.  Buying clothes for myself has always been the thing that I have gone without recently.

I have made excuses for not buying clothes for myself over the past few years. I have enough clothes in my wardrobe, they get messy when my children hug me and get sticky food (usually raspberry jam) on my back, I don’t really have many evenings out any more and that I could use the money for a day out or trip to the cinema instead.

It has got to the point where I need to buy new clothes, after avoiding it for so long.  I feel scruffy and I have gone up a size.  It doesn’t bother me that I have put on a little bit of weight but it does bother me that my clothes are a bit more snug than I’d like.  They are starting to feel uncomfortable.

I have been looking into how I can afford some new clothes and have come up with the following solutions:

Saving Money on Fashion

  1. Shop when there is a sale on. There seem to be sales on throughout the year nowadays.  I do like to look at the clothes in Next so I will be keeping note of when their next sale starts.
  2. Using voucher codes.  There are all sorts of sites out there that offer voucher codes.  You just have to have a look online. I have found some online discount codes for New Look, which will come in useful.
  3. Charity shop bargains. I was pleasantly surprised to find some lovely items in my local charity shops, at a very affordable price.
  4. Write down your clothes budget and stick to it.
  5. Sell your old clothes.

New Look Promotional Codes

After looking at all of these options, I was impressed with the My Favourite Voucher Codes website.  I really like New Look clothing, as I feel these clothes fit my body shape and the sizing is what I would expect, in my opinion.  The New Look promotional codes are  something I am going to look into more when I choose and purchase my new clothes.  I think this will help my budget to stretch further too.  My Favourite Voucher Codes donate 20% of their profits to charity. By using these voucher codes you’re donating to charity.

My Clothes Choices from New look

I really like this Blue Denim Single Pocket Tie Waist Shirt Dress.  It looks so cool and comfortable for the summer months.  I like the length of the skirt, which is mid-length.  I can imagine wearing this during the daytime.

This White Floral Print Funnel Neck Vest looks very appealing.  Although I sometime like to wear plain clothes, this looks like something that is a bit smarter.  It also looks like a top that I would be able to go out somewhere special in.  I like florals at the moment, so this is one I will certainly keep in mind.

These Grey High Waisted Leggings are the type of leggings I’ve been looking for.  I have bought leggings before that have rested more on my hips.  My body shapes doesn’t really suit low waisted leggings so I have never felt comfortable in them.  As these New Look leggings have a higher waist, I think that these would suit me better.

I think the New Look promotional codes will come in very handy this summer.  I am looking forward to refreshing my wardrobe in an affordable way.


Have you used New Look discount vouchers before?  Do you have any tips for saving money on fashion?


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