5 Ways To Revamp Old Furniture

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5 Ways To Revamp Old FurnitureMoving into a new-build apartment does not necessarily mean the furniture you bring has to be equally as modern. Reworked vintage pieces or your own pre-loved furniture can add warmth and character to your new apartment.

But what happens when the pieces of furniture you intend on bringing with you are in need of some T.L.C? A little D.I.Y is a great way to add a personal touch to your new home. Revamping your old cherished belongings and finding a place for them in your new living space is a sure way to help you settle into your new home – and it can actually be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Here are some quick and easy design tips that will inspire you to revamp tired-looking furniture.


Vintage furniture is always a great addition to a home. Although, with these old fittings, often come small imperfections like scratches and scuffs. Waxing furniture, and applying two or three coats, can make old furniture look good as new. However, you should ensure you use clear wax if you want to maintain the original colour of the grain and buff the wax once it is dry.

Drop Cloth Cover

Adding drop cloth covers to wooden stools and dining chairs is a cheap and easy way to give furniture a whole new look. Older pieces of furniture can be given a modern twist in minutes by simply replacing their fabric covers with vibrant new prints. Easy to purchase and even easier to fit, the fabric can turn worn pieces into a designer’s dream. You should always ensure the fabric is high quality to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Unused curtains are a perfect source of good quality fabric – simply pin corners down with a staple gun and use decorative upholstery tacks to create fresh, chic styles that will suit your modern home.

Spray Paint

Spray paint may be more commonly used for outdoor furniture but can be just as effective when used indoors. It is particularly useful as a way of bringing metal kitchen stools or chairs back to life. Choose exciting shades like French turquoise, fuchsia, and poppy red and simply pair with a glass table to make a real style statement in your dining room or kitchen.


Many of us have a soft spot for our tired, old belongings and find it hard to leave behind furniture even when there really is no space for it. If this sounds familiar, re-purposing furniture might be the perfect design solution for you.

The beauty of re-purposing is in its innovation – with the wackier ideas often the most effective; an old roll top bath can become the perfect armchair when cut expertly in half and filled full of cushions; a ladder when placed along a wall, can make a rustic looking bookcase; that old door you have taken down in order to create a more open plan living space can be sanded down to make a quirky dining table.

When it comes to the world of re-purposing, the only limits are your imagination.


Decoupage is an incredibly effective way to revamp furniture. Do not be fooled by the gorgeous designs you may have seen online. It really is not as tricky as it looks – why not ask the kids to help and make it a family activity. Whether you decide to decoupage a set of drawers, a mirror frame or a headboard, decoupage is a great way to inject a bit of colour to items that you would otherwise throw away.

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