7 Incredible Autumn Blog Posts to Inspire You

Here are our 7 incredible autumn blog posts that will convince you that this time of year is great for families.

People always seem to have a preference as to which season is their favourite.  Generally, our friends and family favour the summer sun to drizzly autumn.  I actually like all the seasons almost equally and enjoy them all as they come around each year.

Spring is wonderful.  We really enjoy the ever-increasing lighter evenings.  The motivation to get the house and the garden tidied is more prevalent here too.  Summer is fab because we get to soak in that lovely sunshine as well as to enjoy those longer days.  Winter has the promise of Christmas.  It is a time of meeting up with family and friends.  Although, I am not so keen on the ice.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year though.  We start a new school year and get back into a routine after the summer holidays.  I absolutely love enjoying that first homemade hot chocolate of the season.  The weather is cooler but warm enough still to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.   Usually in wellies to splash in the puddles.  We get to see the leaves falling from the trees and walk through them, kicking them as we go.  The nights draw in, meaning we get to snuggle up in the warmth of the living room and watch good TV shows and films.  Autumn is a great time of year.

Hearty, Warming Food for Autumn

I am always inspired to eat warming foods in the autumn.  We really enjoyed this delicious dairy free and egg free apple pie.  Each year, we pick up fallen apples from my Gran’s tree to make several of these pies during the autumn.  This incredible recipe, passed down through the generations of our family, inspires us to appreciate the fresh food we have available to us.

Enjoy your dairy free and egg free delicious apple pie! This is a favourite autumn blog post of ours.
Our dairy free and egg free delicious apple pie.

Halloween is in Autumn, of Course!

We can’t forget that Halloween happens during this season.  The shops are full of Halloween items from early on in September and social media makes sure we remember.  You can’t seem to escape the fact.

We are often inspired by the wonderful makes and creative ideas shared.  These fun 15 Marvellous Monster Crafts are very inspiring to make with little ones.  (We may have a mention in this post too with a craft that was all H’s idea!).  This links to other great autumn blog posts too.

You can find LarabeeUK on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Be Inspired to Get Outdoors, Despite the Cooler Weather

I think that this blog by Coombe Mill is fantastic.  Each time I visit this blog and check out their Instagram hashtag, #CountyKidsFun, I feel so inspired to get outside and do something fun.  Making the most of nature, whatever the weather, is something that I know makes my children happy.  We try to do this as much as possible during these autumn months.

This month, we have particularly enjoyed reading about their Magic Photo Frames to explain perspective.

You can find Coombe Mill on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Using All Your Senses During Autumn

We always try to take in our surroundings by thinking about what we can see, smell, hear, touch and taste.  92Three30’s autumn blog post, Autumn Fun with the Forestry Commission has lots of really interesting information about this time of the year.  After reading this, I feel like I know more about why leaves are different colours and I’ve found some amazing walks that we can go on.

You can find 92Three30 on Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

Lots of Ideas for Fun with Family

Each autumn, I start saving money ready for the big spend at Christmas.  This means trying to find activities to do as a family that do not cost too much.  The more free activities, the better at this time of year. The Diary of a Frugal Family has a comprehensive post of 80 ideas for things that families can do during autumn that are free or very low cost.  80 Ideas for Family Fun this Autumn is a blog post I know I’ll return to so that we can do these activities as a family.

You can find The Diary of a Frugal Family on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Making Indoors Cosy and Warm

I really enjoyed reading Five Ways to Bring Autumn into Your Home by Monkey and Mouse.  Bringing in treasures from outside is something my children do regularly.  Actually, they often fill my coat pockets with leaves and twigs at this time of the year too.  Autumn is a great time to feel cosy in your home.  Monkey and Mouse also run an Instagram hashtag #WhateverTheWeatherKids, which is full of wonderful photos all year round.

You can find Monkey and Mouse on Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

Getting Crafty During Autumn

There are so many inspirational craft activities but we particularly liked this Home School Stained Glass Window idea from Inside Martyn’s Thoughts.  This is a great way to use all those leaves that children seem to acquire over these cooler months.  Going out and gathering different coloured leaves is lots of fun too.  I think this stained glass window idea has such a lovely effect.

You can find Inside Martyn’s Thoughts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Can you Recommend Any Inspiring Autumn Blog Posts?

I think you’ll agree that autumn is a wonderful time of year.  Getting out and about to enjoy the changing environment is such a wonderful thing for children to experience.

There are so many amazing ideas from so many wonderful bloggers in this post.  What are your favourite things to do during autumn?  Which is your favourite season and why? Do you have any favourite autumn blog posts that you could recommend?

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  1. Thank you for the lovely mention, so pleased you spotted my autumn photo frames, they have been great fun this season here on the farm and the forestry Commission sites are great for collecting all the nature you need.

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