7 steps to selling clothes on eBay


eBay is a land of sellers and buyer. Anything you have to sell, there is abound to be a buyer… if they can find you. With selling clothes on eBay, the ball game can be completely different. In such a busy, almost saturated market place, it can seem almost impossible to dent the power of the ‘power sellers’ to get your products in front of the right eyeballs…
But it can be done and with the right clothing lines, exhibited and marketed on eBay to the right customer, you could soon have a blossoming business on your hands.

Step 1: develop your idea

OK, you have aspirations to sell new clothing on eBay… take a look on there now and see who is doing similar to you. What are they offering and at what price? How is there feedback – what are customers saying? Don’t just opt for the tittle-tattle of negative reviews but learn from the positives; list what reasons customers give for being happy with the service and product…e.g. as described, fast postage, great rates… and emulate these (obviously, avoid any negatives if you can, but stuff doesn’t always go according to plan!)

Step 2: open your eBay ‘shop’

If your idea has legs and you decide to give it a go, you will need to set up your shop. Some people set up a personal account but others opt straight away for a business place on eBay. There is no more to pay in terms of a business account and, if you are serious about building a business on eBay then this could be the better option for you.

However, take a look at the terms and conditions, as well as linking PayPal to your business shop – this is the safest and simplest way for you to be paid by customers; it protects them and you.

Step 3: buy your stock

There are many wholesalers out there online and it is now relatively simple to open online accounts and start buying. But, before you spend hundreds on items, start with small quantities and increase stock as you start to sell.

Research in magazines and online fashion sites to see what styles are in, as well as their predictions for what is coming up in the next season… and get in first with some well-chosen pieces.

Step 4: create your shop

You have the business account on eBay, you have your stock… now all you need to do is start selling it but first you need to make sure you have everything in place. When that first order comes in, you want it ready to go, with a fast but efficient turn around.

The biggest issue that sellers face is charging for postage and packaging that is accurate but without leaving them out of pocket. You can buy postage direct online, but be mindful of the package size and weight; it is essential you get these right, as they can differ from item to item.

Step 5: describe your products

Accurate descriptions of your products are essential, not just from a buyer point of view but from a legal point of view too. You last thing you want is negative feedback when a customer is disappointed and neither do you want your credentials called into account by eBay!

Describe your items accurately, giving as much information as possible to the customer but, always ensure that you monitor your eBay shop regularly as customers like to ask questions… but want a quick response (it can make all the difference as to whether you get a sale or not).

*Don’t forget specific washing or care instructions, if there are any! Nothing worse than buying an everyday dress to discover it is dry clean only…*

Step 6: take pictures… lots of them… and good quality ones

But, don’t go over the top. We have all seen the rather wonky photographs of a top hanging rather lacklustre on the mannequin or, an amateur model showing the item off but failing to show the item as it really is.

Poor pictures put people off; they are the first thing that a prospective customer sees and based on this impression, will decide whether to open up the item description or not. Each item should have a main photo, followed by 2 or 3 others to show the garment off to its true potential.

Step 7: enjoy the experience!

Selling clothes successfully on eBay is a marathon not a sprint. Start slowly and get it right, is more important than going for the mass approach of selling, where in your confusion, things get forgotten with customers being dissatisfied.

Keep researching upcoming trends and sourcing the right supplier to watch your business grow!


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25 thoughts on “7 steps to selling clothes on eBay

  1. I am not an Ebay specialist, but all these tips seem like really sensible advice, though clearly you have to be organised too!

  2. I have only just figured out Ebay and selling small items which seem to sell quickly. Not thought about an Ebay shop though.

  3. This is interesting to read. We’ve sold a few things on eBay but I’ve never thought of actually buying things to sell as a business.

  4. I used to have a shop on ebay that tied into my high street shop. You have to be very price competitive on ebay which can be difficult if you have a bricks and mortar shop too

  5. I have a shop on eBay. It’s a tough ,market place. You have to be able to play for a few years and build your relationship up with customers.

  6. I put a 90 pounds cardigan on there in 2010 for 10 pounds. If it had sold I was going to sell other things. But it got no views and no bids so I brought 8 Ikea bags to the charity shop. So they benefited not me. It was a big clear out to have room for baby. It was mainly Monsoon so it was devastating to see it all go for free, but I couldn’t get my head round EBay. i’d put on weight and changed personal style, so Mum made me clear it all out in a mass declutter x

  7. Thank you for this – it is my big plan for this year as we are doing a big clear out so I’m going to bookmark this. Thank you!

  8. I have so much stuff I want to sell and get rid of on ebay so this is the perfect post for me to be reading right now. Although you’re talking about new things, it’s still given me the push I needed!

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