A Guide to Maintaining your Car


As a busy parent, I often find that months have passed before I have thought about checking my car over. Here is a guide to maintaining your car that can be done quickly and easily.

A Guide to Maintaining your Car

I am no expert when it comes to cars but I do know that cars do need checking over now and again, especially as the winter months are upon us. Making sure that your car is taken to the garage regularly for an MOT and service is a good way to keep your car in tip top condition. It is wonderful to have that peace of mind when a qualified mechanic has checked that all is well with your car and it is safe to drive.

General Checks on your Car at Home

The times in between having your car serviced and/or having its MOT, it is important to check for a few things. Here are the top five that we check for on our own car:

  • Water – it is important to keep your window screen clean when driving. Topping up the water now and again so that the window wipers can do their job is a must.
  • Oil – not having enough oil in your car can cause all sorts of expensive problems. Using the dip stick when the car is on a level surface and topping it up, if necessary, can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Tyres – checking that your tyre pressure is right is also something that needs looking at regularly. Over or under inflated tyres can mean that you have to replace your tyres more often. It also means that you might not be in control of your car as much as you should be. There is more information on looking after your tyres on the AA’s website.
  • Petrol – this seems obvious but it is amazing how many people I know that have run out of petrol on long journeys as they have ignored their petrol gauge. If this does happen though, breakdown services can help.
  • Any strange noises or smells when you are driving your car- this can be a good indication of something that is amiss. If there is a noise or a smell that is out of the ordinary, calling a mechanic is the best thing to do.

All of these important checks can be carried out relatively quickly. Some can even be checked easily while you are just about to set off on a journey, such as listening for noises and checking the petrol gauge.

Do you regularly check your car between services/MOTs? Is there anything you could add to the list?

Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Post with the AA.

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