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Welcome to Dillydrops! Here is our About Dillydrops page, where you can learn more about us all.

Our About Dillydrops page. Dillydrops is a family, food and lifestyle blog. Here is a little bit more about the writers and family that run Dillydrops blog.

About Bek  (Mum) and Dillydrops Blog

As a mother of two young children, aged five and nine, I am constantly trying to show them how exciting the world around them is.  The boring bits seem to get in the way though so I aim to make even these bits more fun for them.  I hope to help my children to think more creatively.

Supporting, protecting and teaching children about the world around them is part of everyday life for anybody who cares for children. Sharing ideas, problems and solutions to everyday situations makes life easier.  It would be great to hear from anybody who wants to share and discuss their ideas.

In everyday life, spending time with my children and family is the most important thing to me.  I love making different foods with them, including finding new recipes for H and I for our food intolerances.  I do enjoy having a hot cup of tea at least once per year, walking and I love learning new things.

Me - Bek from Dillydrops
Me – Bek from Dillydrops

About S

S is nine years old and spends as much time as he can get away with, on Minecraft. He absolutely loves reading and does so at every possible opportunity.  Even when we’re walking down the street. He enjoys having a laugh with his group of school friends, who are all spies, superheroes and are in the army. S would like to be either a geologist, a scientist or a palaeontologist when he grows up.

About H

H is five years old and loves to make us all laugh.  She also enjoys sharing stories as well as using a variety of sticker books.  H has a fantastic imagination and will often be found surrounded by toys that are all having tea with cake, exploring the jungle, singing and dancing or making animals better after x-raying, injecting or putting plaster casts on them. H would like to be a doctor when she grows up.  She has just started school and absolutely loves it.

About H and S
H and S spend a lot of time together.

About Floppy Dog

Our Floppy dog is four years old and is as daft as a brush.  She loves playing with the children and when they have had enough, she steals their toys to make them play more.  Often though, it is Floppy that has had enough first. She loves chasing the ball, barking at the cat that sits and stares at her from the top of our drive in addition to having her belly stroked.


Floppy Dog
Floppy Dog

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