Appletters Review

We were sent a game of Appletters to review after we enjoyed playing Bananagrams and Pairs in Pears.


This game is a wonderful way for children to practice their spelling skills.  In the game that we played (as there are several different ways to play this game, see the instructions), we used the 110 tiles to make a word ‘worm’.  I played against my seven year old son to start with, which meant that we each started with 15 tiles.  We took turns to place words on the table that went at the ‘head’ or the ‘tail’ of the worm to read left to right or top to bottom only.  Each time, we replaced the letters that we had used with the tiles that were still in the centre of the table (the ‘core’).

I don’t think that we stuck completely to the rules and played it in a way that suited us.  I think that this is a great feature of Appletters as there are so many possibilities of how you could play this game.

My son really enjoyed playing Appletters

“The core of fun & learning for early readers

  • Develop spelling skills
  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Encourage cooperation
  • Promote turn-taking
  • Improve concentration”

Taken from the Appletters instruction leaflet

My son’s confidence was boosted during this game as he was thinking of words that he was sometimes unsure of how to spell and was checking if he had spelt them correctly throughout the game.  It was great to see him being so adventurous with his vocabulary choices.

As you can see, my daughter also joined in with the game by supplying us with the correct number of letters each time ours needed replacing.  It also inspired her to eat healthily as she tucked into an apple!

In conclusion, we all really enjoyed playing this game.  My son particularly enjoyed making his own words using the tiles he chose.  You can find Appletters from many stores, including Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent an Appletters game for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.