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How to Get a Rustic Home Look on a Budget


Home styles come and go over the years, but the one look that seems to have stuck and has appealed to many people is the rustic look. People just love a space that makes them feel like they are at the cottage or at a special weekend retreat. It’s one thing to spend a few days living amongst daisies and pine boards, but it’s a whole other thing to create it for yourself and live in it for any length of time. But the people who love this style, know it’s worth putting the effort in to get exactly that right look to exude the right feeling. And you can do it all on a budget – we promise!


The great thing about rustic homes is that most of the look can be achieved by using second hand or recycling materials, including the paint. Check out your local paint store for cans of paint that have been mixed improperly – these usually go for a reduced price because they were mistakes. Continue reading How to Get a Rustic Home Look on a Budget

Brighten up your garden with bedding plants


A splash of colour gives any garden that edge. Bedding plants are a great way to add some colour that will last for months and give your garden the wow factor. With so many varieties to choose from though, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here, plant supports specialist Suttons utilise their knowledge of bedding plants so that you can effectively create a garden that oozes colour:

Types of bedding plants

With more than one option available to you, bedding plants come in the form of seedlings, plugs and those stored in pots and trays.

Opting for seedlings will provide you with between 100 and 400 seeds sown in trays and filled with compost. Just be aware that you will need to pot the baby plants into Continue reading Brighten up your garden with bedding plants

Join the Hasbro HotSpot Community

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Hasbro is a brand that has kept families entertained with wonderfully creative toys and games for many years now. Inspiring children to enjoy entertaining products that encourage imagination and play, Hasbro are inviting Mums to advise the brand via their online community. After all, Mums are best placed to know their child’s needs.

What is the Hasbro HotSpot Community?

The Hasbro HotSpot Community is an online  Continue reading Join the Hasbro HotSpot Community

3 Reasons Why You May Need Money Fast and How to Get it


No matter how much you budget, there are always times when you may need to find ways to get money fast. It is always disappointing when you work so hard to provide the essentials for your family and then they suddenly break. There is often very little warning.

3 Reasons Why You May Need Money Fast

Budgeting is something that I think all of us try to do. Sometimes though, the best laid plans go awry. Here are 3 reasons that you may need money fast: Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You May Need Money Fast and How to Get it

How to Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy


Stay fit, active and healthy during pregnancy is essential for some many reasons – you want to give your baby the best start in life and you want to be able to physically and mentally cope with the demand pregnancy and motherhood places on you.

How to stay healthy during your pregnancy. Photo credit: HARTMANN Direct.
Photo credit: HARTMANN Direct.

So, how can you stay healthy during pregnancy?

Stay Active

Pregnant women are advised to rest, take things at a slower pace, look after themselves and so on – all great pieces of advice. Rest and plenty of sleep are essential to keep your body physically able to deal with the demands of pregnancy.

However, this doesn’t mean that Continue reading How to Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy