How Basic Invite Can Help With Preparing for Your Child’s Birthday Party


Preparing for your child’s can be quite time consuming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

In the past, I have spent a very long time preparing for my children’s birthday parties. There is so much to think about: the birthday cake, the décor, party invitations, who to invite, party food, party games, where to host the birthday party, the list goes on! I’ve enjoyed doing this over the years but lack of time has meant that I need to think of faster ways to prepare for parties now.

Finding the Right Venue for a Children’s Birthday Party

Many parents opt to hold their children’s birthday parties in their local village hall or community hall. Alternatively, some children’s parties can be held at the local sports hall. There are many small, local businesses that have rooms available for hire for a few hours for a relatively low fee. Some businesses, such as local dance schools, in our area cater for people who want the whole party to be arranged and organised by them. This is ideal for those who don’t have the time or inclination to arrange a children’s birthday party. These parties are very successful in our area, although a little more expensive.

Another possibility is to host your child’s birthday party at home. We have hosted many of these parties over the years. I can be fun to plan the parties and make the decorations on a theme of my child’s choice.

Do You Have Enough Time to Make Invites and Decorations?

Recently though, work has piled up and I find myself becoming more time poor. For parties nowadays, I tend to find online companies that can make invites and decorations for me. I would love to continue to make everything for my children’s parties but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We have been looking at Basic Invite to help us with our party preparation for the upcoming birthdays in our family.

How Basic Invite Can Help With Preparing for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Making birthday party invites has taken me up to three days in the past. I enjoyed making the invitation cards but I don’t think that I could spend that amount of time on invitations again. After looking on the Basic Invite website, I found the party invitation maker was perfect for our needs. When making invites, I just wanted something that would be bit more unique to send out. Basic Invite is great for this.

Customising the Party Invitations on Basic Invite

We had a look at the children’s birthday invitations on the Basic Invite website. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of choice of design and how customisable the birthday party invitations were. There were so many colours to choose from. We thought it was great that for each colour choice, for each part of the invite, we were able to view the preview of what the finished card would look like. Envelopes are also available in over 40 different colours. This is very useful for creating the design you have in mind for your child’s party. You can also order custom samples to check exactly how the invite will print and the quality of the paper. This can be received before placing the final order.

Party Food

When thinking about party food, we always keep in mind our food allergies. Our parties are generally dairy free parties and the guests don’t usually notice. The food usually comprises of lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and nibbles such as plain tortilla chips and poppadums. Finding a good vegan cake recipe can mean that the party goers wouldn’t know there is no dairy in the birthday cake, unless they are told. For a good dairy free cake, we sometimes make a Victoria sponge but use dairy free margarine for the fat. It works well for us.


We think Basic Invite will save us some time for future parties but we won’t have to compromise on the customisation of the invites. What helps you to prepare for your child’s birthday party? Have you tried Basic Invite for your child’s birthday party invitations?


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