Blue Army Lunch Bag

Becky and Lolo Lunch Bag Review

My son was very excited when he received his new lunch box to review from Becky and Lolo.  When he chose the lunch box that he wanted from their website, he immediately decided upon the Children’s Blue Army Lunch Kit .  Upon receiving it, he opened it excitedly as his sister watched on.

Opening the packaging of his new lunch box
Opening the packaging of his new lunch box

H watching S open his new lunch box
H watching S open his new lunch box
Happy boy!
Happy boy!
Exploring the new lunch box
Exploring the new lunch box
Blue Army Lunch Bag
Blue Army Lunch Bag

We really liked that the features of the lunch bag, here is the description on Becky and Lolo’s website:

Lunch Bag Features:

  • Made from durable canvas and free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC

  • Wipeable with triple layer insulation

  • Zipper closure

  • 600ml squeezable water bottle with drinking spout and protective lid

  • Durable, padded handle

We particularly liked the protective lid, as it was one that could be easily opened by my son, even though it fastened so that the contents could not be spilled easily.  Plus, it had a handle on it.

The lid on the bottle was very secure
The lid on the bottle was very secure

S did really like the cardboard packaging that came inside the lunch bag and wore it for a while, pretending that it was his helmet!

His new helmet!
His new helmet!

What S had to say about his new lunch bag

  • S said that he loved his new lunch bag and bottle because it kept his food nice and cool.
  • He also liked that it was blue, as that is his favourite colour.
  • He loved the cap on the bottle as he said that it meant that he couldn’t spill his drink very easily.
  • S was impressed that the compartment for his drink was separate to the food area as he used to find that when his drink bottle rolled about in his old lunch box, it sometimes squashed his sandwiches.
  • He even packed his own lunch, he was so excited!
He even packed his own lunch, he was so excited!
He even packed his own lunch, he was so excited!
His lunch
His lunch

Overall, we both thought that this was a great lunch bag.  It was a good size and kept its shape well.  Which lunch box or bag does your child have?  What do you pack them up with?  Does your child pack their own lunch?  It would be great to hear from you!


Disclosure: We were sent a lunch bag and bottle in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own or my son’s.

  • haha i love the ‘helmet’. i really like that it has a drinks thing on the side, i hated having to carry my drink seperately when i was little ha.

  • looks good – esp having a space for a drinks bottle x

  • Twinsplustwo

    That looks real good and very tough – great for boys. Not sure I could eat that much lunch though!!

  • mummyoftwo

    This looks like a great lunch box! I can’t believe how grown up S looks, where has your little boy gone?!

  • Jen Walshaw

    I like the separate part for the bottle.

  • Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    Aah, he looks so proud to have packed his own lunch! We don’t have a lunchbox yet, but I’m sure we’ll be getting one when Austin starts school in September.

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Aww so cute. These looks great, very child friendly x

  • Kara

    This looks great – slightly disappointed that mine great free school meals from September

  • I like the separate compartment for the drinks bottle – and awesome that he packed his own lunch! x

  • Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe

    This looks like a great lunch box. J needs one so I might have a look at these, thank you for sharing x

  • Nothing as exciting as a new lunchbox… a child’s eyes anyway 😉 This one looks fab!

  • rachel

    A fan looking lunch box. My two are too young to need them yet but I know they’d love a funky lunch box when they’re older!

  • Healthier Mummy

    It’s great that your son packs his own lunch. We’re yet to move on to that… Lovely-looking lunchbox too.

  • Wild & Grizzly

    he looks so proud to have his own cool lunch box that he has packed himself. x

  • It’s nearly that time again, when the girls are looking to pick new lunch bags. These look great, plenty of space and I like the bit on the side for the bottle

  • Agata Pokutycka

    no lunch boxes for us atm… just a water bottle… school if feeding my kids 🙂