Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom – Birthday Book Review

My daughter was very excited when we received a softback copy of, ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Holly’s Birthday.’  I added my daughter’s details to the Penwizard website, which only took a few minutes, to make a character for the story using my daughter’s details.  The website was very easy to navigate, with a form to fill out the details for the personalisation.  I was able to choose some features of my daughter’s character and could see a preview of these straight away.

She was extremely pleased with the character of, ‘Holly’ who looked  bit like her and had the same name.  In hindsight, I should have put her first and middle name (Holly Rose) as the character’s name to stop us from getting muddled up with the main character of, ‘Princess Holly.’  My daughter loves the story and this slight oversight of mine does not bother her.  This was by no means the fault of Pinwizard, I should have just thought about it a bit more before I ordered!  As my son said, “Silly Mummy!”

The story itself was wonderful.  My daughter had a little message for her at the start of the book:

My daughter absolutely loved that the character had curly hair too and immediately wanted to make a wand.  Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a favourite television programme in our house, which often makes us giggle.  We like the mix ups, the magic that doesn’t quite go as planned as well as Nanny Plum having to sort it all out.  All of this was reflected in the story of Ben and Holly making a card for Holly Rose by trying (and failing) to use magic to make their task easier.

The images in this, ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom,’ book were very well presented and were very colourful.  My daughter is able to recognise her name, when it is written down, so she was impressed when she saw her name in magnets on the fridge, just as we have at home.  This story has inspired all sorts of artwork from my two children as well, including making a birthday card, making a wand and making a collage of a birthday party scene.

I think that this, ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom,’ Birthday book would make a fantastic gift for any little Ben and Holly fan.  My daughter was very taken with it, which means that we have read it every night, without fail, for the past two weeks. Does your child own any books from Pinward?  Which one is their favourite?  I have had a look at the others and am tempted by all their titles.  Which one would you recommend?

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