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I have been tagged by Lucy at Sons brighten up my day to answer five questions about my life and my blog for Blog Your Heart Out. I think his post is a fantastic idea! It is always great to get to know other bloggers and to share some information about myself.

Q1. Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

An old school friend of mine started blogging a while ago, at Mummy of two, and I loved reading her fantastic posts. She inspired me to write my own blog. It took me some time to build up the confidence to actually get my own free WordPress blog. I did not mention it to friends and family for a while but when another old school friend,

who blogs at Mama knows best2, mentioned that she had just started a blog too, it gave me more confidence to go ahead and write. We have been learning lots from Mrs A over at Mummy of two and we are convinced that she should write a book on blogging with all the useful information she has provided for us. I’m learning something new every day and I must say that the blogging community is an extremely supportive one. I was recently very excited to learn that I had been nominated for the Mad Blog Awards! Not something I expected after only blogging for a few months.

Q2. How did you choose what topics to write about?

My love of my family and writing seemed to fit together brilliantly! As a SAHM, I spend most of my time keeping my two children busy with various activities and I thought if I shared some of our experiences, then it might inspire others to do something similar with their children. Recently, my son has been reluctant to do his homework (we’ve all been there at some point, I’m sure!). I have spent some time trying out different ways to encourage him to do it by thinking of more practical ways to learn spellings as well as times tables, for example. Food intolerances are, unfortunately, a big part of my life and now my daughter has an intolerance to milk as well as my many intolerances, I would like to write more about these. I know many people I speak to seem to have similar problems as myself. Although I’ve not written much on this topic yet, I would like to include recipes and experiences of this in some of my future blog posts. I have recently started reviewing some family friendly products too. I describe my blog as being about, “Adventures, nature, art, numbers and words with my wonderful children.” I think this sums it up really; it’s a bit of everything.

Q3. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people that read my blog probably are not aware that I am a trained Primary School teacher. I have taken a break from my career to care for my children.

Q4. What are three words to describe your style?

I get embarrassed describing myself so I asked my other half to help to think of three words to describe me as a person which all relate to the tone and style of my blog. He says the three words that he immediately thought of would be considerate, helpful plus intelligent.

Q5. What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

I love spending time with my family and friends, as well as Floppy (our young Labrador). It makes me happy to cook and bake as then I get to share the food with the people I love. Taking photos, mainly of the children, is something I do often due to my terrible memory and my desire to try not to forget too much! I have a need to keep learning so I like to do online courses and read about the things that interest me, to know more. Admittedly, I often get a tad obsessed with TV box sets. I get into the stories and just have to watch them until the end as quickly as I can. If I’m eating homemade popcorn or candy floss while I’m watching, it is even better!

I’d love to find out more about the authors of other blogs that I read. I look forward to reading your Blog Your Heart Outย entries!

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  • Interesting Blog layout – lends itself well to a Q and A post too! I often wonder if should branch out into the “ideas for activities” niche or at least have a page on my Blog for such posts as I was a primary teacher too. But tbh, I’ve missed the moment as my children are now older. Such a good idea though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      Thank you :-). It’s always good to share ideas.

  • Brilliant blog post x

    • dillydrops

      Thank you!x

  • Blogs are so wonderfully flexible, I love how you can fit them around your life, and whether they are, in fact, a diary or not they record where you/your family “were” at the time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      Blogs are great! I’ve kept lots of memories on here already so it will be good to look back on in the future.x

  • pigeonpairandme

    Mmm yum – home-made candy floss, now that’s a new one for me! I know what you mean about blogging fitting together with being a SAHM…

    • dillydrops

      I love candy floss so my boyfriend bought me a machine to make it at home too! I’m trying my hardest not to eat some every day!

  • A great set of questions, its always great to know a bit more about each other ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      It certainly is. I really enjoyed answering them and look forward to reading the posts of the ladies that I have tagged.

  • Love this sort of posts, they tell so much about the person writing them!

    • dillydrops

      Thank you! I really enjoyed writing it and can’t wait to read the others.

  • That’s a great meme!

    • dillydrops

      Thank you!

  • That reminds me I have this to do too! Great post and I am always here to help if you need anything! Looking forward to a good catch up soon lovely x

    • dillydrops

      Thank you, again :-). It’s not long now! I can’t wait!x

  • It’s always nice to know a bit more about the people behind the blogs. I look forward to reading about those you tagged too.

    • dillydrops

      Thank you. It was a great post to write. I love the idea of getting to know more about the authors of different blogs.

  • I always like finding out what encouraged others to start a blog.

    • dillydrops

      I agree, it’s interesting to see the motivations of others.

  • Good to read to learn a bit more about you

    • dillydrops

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it :-).

  • I’m like you and blog to remember things ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • dillydrops

      There is so much to remember and it’s all special. It’s great to keep it on a blog ๐Ÿ™‚ x.

  • winegumsx

    This is a great post, I’d love to do one at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      Thank you! Maybe you could ask one of the ladies I have tagged, they might tag you :-).

  • I love blogging, it is a great way to record memories and milestones. shame it wasn’t around when my eldest were small

    • dillydrops

      It certainly is :-). That’s the thing with new ideas, it is a shame but I’m sure you were able to record your eldest’s memories and milestones in another way.

  • I love the words he chose for you. Well done on the Mads. Your knowledge as a teacher will come through on your blog, which will be so beneficial to your readers. I bet you’re also a GREAT Mum because of it. I love these sort of blog posts xx

    • dillydrops

      Aww…thank you for your kind words :-). I try to be the best Mum I can be. I hope my knowledge does come through as I’d love to be able to help my readers xxx.

  • Do you find that your career as a teacher helps you out in planning activities with your children? I sometimes find it difficult to come up with ideas, yet I have a friend who is a teacher and she is always doing something with her little one!

    • dillydrops

      I think it does although many of the things I do with my children, my Mum did with me when I was little. I think the main thing to remember is to go with whatever the child is interested in at the time. For example, my daughter loves ducks so we painted ducks, visited ducks, creatively designed the letters ‘D’ and ‘d’, used the, ‘Five Little Ducks’ song and counted in fives. Searching for ideas on the Internet helps too :-).

  • What a great post, really enjoyed reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it :-).

  • I didn’t know you’re Tami’s school friend! Lovely to get to know more about you

    • dillydrops

      Thank you :-). I’ve known Tami since she was about 8 years old, or there about!

  • dillydrops

    Thank you, I think they are great!

  • Great questions. I love reading how and why people started their blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dillydrops

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it :-).

  • Lovely post. Quite a few of my friends and even family have become bloggers since I have – I love that it’s such a growing, inclusive community!

    • dillydrops

      Thank you! You are right, it is a great community to be a part of :-).

  • dillydrops

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Squidge and Boo

    What a great idea! It must be fab to have blogging friends that you can talk to in real life! There’s only so much you can get from blogs and vlogs xxx