Blogging Goals for July and August: Update

Did I achieve my blogging goals for July and August?  Here is how I got on:

Goal 1: To continue to take part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

I did really well with my July/August Blogging Goals.  I completed the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and have successfully blogged everyday since then too.  Hopefully I can keep going with doing one post per day for the whole of September but due to other work commitments, I am not going to put this month’s goals.  Instead, I’m going to have it in the back of my mind that I want to achieve a post per day but won’t put too much pressure on myself.  After all, I need family time as well as work and blogging time.

Goal 2: To join in with more linkies.

I have joined in with more linkies more regularly.  I really like #ThePrompt and Word of the Week.  I have also discovered Super Parent Saturday for parenting tips, The Weekend Blog Share, Share with Me and Brilliant Blog Posts that I have joined in with.

Goal 3: To plan ahead.

For this one, I said I would use an Excel spreadsheet.  I haven’t used this but have found the WordPress Calendar extremely useful instead.  I sat and planned some posts all the way up to Christmas last night.  It really helps you to think about scheduling seasonal posts, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas posts, rather than doing them last minute.  I’ve noticed that some bloggers start blogging about events about two months before they happen so that their posts are shared and seen in time for the particular celebration they have blogged about.  I think this is a great idea.

Goal 4: To use Pinterest more to help with my blogging.

I have been more active on Pinterest, although not quite as active as I’d hoped.  There is only so much time in the day though.  I have increased how many people find my blog posts via Pinterest so I am happy with that.  I have been using PicMonkey to use some of them to make Pinable photos for the tops of most of my blog posts.  Hopefully this will encourage my readers to Pin my posts.

Goal 5: To improve the quality of my photos.

I have been taking hundreds of photos lately.  I think the quality is improving.  I have found that I am taking a long time to choose which photos to use though.  When you’ve taken several photos of the same thing from different angles, sometimes it is easy to pick out the best one but other times, it can take me ages! I have enjoyed improving my photographs though.  I hope that it is evident to all my readers too.


I am very pleased that I achieved all of my Blogging Goals for July and August.  I am particularly proud that I completed the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and that I have continued to write each day, despite it being a lot of extra work.  It is evident that my posts are being enjoyed by readers as I have had a massive increase in viewing figures over the last month or so.

Thank you all for stopping by.  Your support really is appreciated.

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