Blogging Goals For With Free Goal Setting Worksheet

I have been thinking a lot about my blogging goals for for Dillydrops blog. It has been difficult to narrow down my top goals as I seem to have so many in my mind.

Blogging Successes

Dillydrops has been very successful in. I am very proud that I reached my aim of ten thousand followers on Instagram. Originally, I had aimed to improve my photography skills but as I understood more about how to take better pictures, the more interested I was in Instagram. I am hoping to grow my Instagram more in the coming year. I have enjoyed learning more about blogging and have learnt how to make a child theme. This means that each time WordPress updates, I do not have to change the code on the original theme any more. I didn’t realise before but this wasn’t the best thing to do. I am very pleased that I have learnt how to make my own child theme to stop any problems.

This year and last year, I have been a part of a few wonderful blogging groups. It has been great to find groups of bloggers and Instagrammers who I can discuss ideas with. Sometimes, it is difficult to discuss all things blogging with those who don’t read blogs. Thank you to all my blogging and Instagram friends for your support during. One of my goals for was to stick to a schedule for posting on the blog and on social media. I must say that this has been quite difficult. I had managed to schedule a lot of my social media posts in three month blocks, which has helped. Paid adverts on Facebook are something I’ve tried due to it now being more difficult to get my posts seen by followers of Dillydrops’ Facebook Page.

Blogging Goals for

This year, I am going to focus on growing my email list. Before, I did not realise quite how important an email list is to a blogger. After taking several blogging related courses, I now know that I want and need to grow my email list more than anything else. This is my key goal. My other goal will be to continue to learn more about blogging and social media by taking part in online courses and webinars. I have been enjoying listening to podcasts more lately too. I feel like I’m learning all the time with blogging.

Goal Setting for

I have made a handy goal setting planner for 2017. Focusing on one to five main goals is very useful. After feeling overwhelmed with the amount of goals I’d like to achieve, I think it is great to focus on just a few. I have also written some personal goals for my version of this goal setting planner, to go with my two blogging goals.

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