Britmums Live 2015

It is just under three weeks until I go to my first every Britmums Live!  This is a blogging and social media conference that is held annually in London.  I bought my ticket when they first came out so it seems like a very long wait since then.  Here is a little bit more about me:

Me with my son
Me with my son
  • Name  Bek
  • Blog  Dillydrops
  • Twitter ID  @bekb65
  • Height  5’7”
  • Hair  long and brown
  • Eyes  blue, with glasses

Is this your first blogging conference?

No, I have previously attended #BlogOnMOSI in 2014, which I really enjoyed.  I found this to be an amazing experience, with such wonderful, supportive people there.  I have never been to Britmums before though, which sounds a much bigger conference.

Are you attending both days?

I am only attending on Saturday.  I am the only person available to care for my children on the Friday and so I decided that going on the Saturday was better than not going at all.

What are you most looking forward to at Britmums Live 2015?

I am really looking forward to meeting other bloggers and learning lots of new things.  I am getting very nervous about it all though.  I am worrying that I won’t recognise some of the bloggers in ‘real life’ (even though I regularly read their blogs-how embarrassing would that be?!).  I am also worried that I will feel a bit star struck by some of the  bloggers that I think have absolutely amazing blogs!

What are you wearing?

I am not thinking about this yet.  I think that I am going to decide at the last minute!

What do you hope to get from Britmums Live 2015?

I would like to meet some new people, meet those bloggers that I interact with online every day and I hope to be inspired to try different ideas out on my blog.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?

Erm…no.  I’ve not been before so I don’t really know what to expect. I am going to start reading other Britmums Live Memes over the next few weeks and have enjoyed the Facebook chats so far.

If you are going to Britmums Live 2015, I will look forward to seeing you there!!


  • Don’t worry too much about recognising people – many of us have the same problem and nobody minds when you have to stare at their chests to find their name and then suddenly go “oh yes, I know you!!!” It’s even more fun when you meet someone whose blog you have never even heard of, as that allows you to make a whole new friend! As for being star struck… we all feel that way at times, but my experience has been that most of the “big bloggers” are very down-to-earth, so don’t feel you can’t approach them to say hi. Not long to go now…

  • stoppingattwo

    I am sure everyone will be in a similar situation when it comes to names and faces. Hope you have a lovely time and maybe bump into you!
    Karen (Stopping At Two)

  • Mummy of Two + 1

    Hope you have a fab time! I wish I was coming with you!

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