Buying And Selling Large Items: How To Make The Process Easier

There can sometimes be problems when buying and selling large items, so we have been thinking about how to make the process easier. Shiply is a company that specialises in transporting large and small items.

Our Ever-Changing, Evolving Home

Over the past few years, I have slowly started to upgrade my home. My children are getting older and our home has evolved with each passing year. The baby proofed items of furniture have gone, the stairgate has been removed from the kitchen door and the delicate ornaments have made their way back to being on display without fear of being broken. It is amazing to think about the huge amount of toys that have covered our floors over the past few years. As my children are getting older, it feels refreshing to have those large pieces of plastic and cuddly toys out of the way. It somehow feels like I am re-gaining more ordered and more grown up spaces within our home again. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every second of each stage of my children’s lives so far, but it is the time for having clearer, more minimalistic spaces within our home now.

Buying and Selling Large Items: The Sofa

Our old sofa has lasted for fifteen years so far. It doesn’t look like it is very old though. We have kept it clean, even though my children and dog have tried to wear it out as much as possible. The décor in our living room has changed though, so the colour of the sofa doesn’t quite match the rest of the furniture and walls any more. We are hoping to sell the old sofa on eBay and buy a newer settee from there too. I have wanted to do this for a while now. The problem is, I have a small car and have to take both children with me pretty much everywhere I go. There is no way that I would be able to fit a settee in my car, as lots of items to buy are listed on eBay as pick-up only. As a result, I have been put off buying and selling large items in this way.

A Solution to Buying and Selling Large Items: Shiply

One solution to buying and selling large items, with regards to getting them where they need to be, is to use Shiply. Shiply can help make the process of transporting collection only items from eBay much easier. Shiply is also an ebay-compatible application, so sellers and buyers can easily import details of the item to save time making a listing on Shiply. When buying a larger item from eBay, it is a simple process to quickly get quotes from Shiply to have your item transported. As courier services are transporting good across the country each day, Shiply capitalises on this by enabling couriers to take extra packages along their journeys.

Moving large items from one place to another can be made much easier than trying to do it all yourself. When visiting the Shiply website, quotes can be requested from couriers to move items from one place to another. After filling out an online form, the quotes are sent via email for you to choose which appeals to you the most. Some quotes can be up to 75% less than standard rates, due to Shiply’s delivery companies already making similar trips. The website also has a good amount of customer reviews for different delivery companies, which is very helpful.

Taking Pride in Our Home

Our home has been too messy for too long. Trying to keep on top of the tidying and everyday household tasks is difficult when you are working. The idea is to find items to go in my home that I love and to get rid of the rest of it. Having only the essentials in our house and disposing of the items we don’t use any more is something that we have been striving for. Now that we know about Shiply, I think that this will make our journey to having a tidier home, much easier.

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