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Easy Dairy Free and Egg Free Pasta Sauce Recipe

This dairy free and egg free pasta sauce recipe has been a favourite of mine since I was about 18 years old.  When I first left home, pasta became a huge part of my diet.  From making spaghetti bolognaise to my favourite pasta and sauce dishes, I have continued to make many pasta dishes over the years.  I was asked to write about this dish as a part of the Belling’s Cooking in Style campaign.  You can find more wonderful recipes by searching for the hashtag  #GoodLookingCooking on social media.

I’ve always dreamed of having one of the Belling range ovens to enable me to create new dishes.  I love that these come in different colours too.

The Problem with Pre-made Pasta Sauces

After finally figuring out that I had some food intolerances, I realised that many of the pasta sauces I was using actually contained some of the foods I was intolerant to.  I can’t have cows’ milk (unless it is a2 milk), eggs, bell peppers or chilli peppers (including paprika).  It is very difficult to find pasta sauces that don’t contain these foods.

As a result, I have spent some time devising my own pasta sauce recipes that are just as quick and easy as the store bought sauces.

Easy Dairy Free and Egg Free Pasta Sauce Recipe

Enjoy your dairy free and egg free pasta!

Serves 3


200g dried pasta
Tin of chopped tomatoes
6 rashers of bacon, cut into squares
1 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp vegetable oil
A pinch of salt and pepper


1. Add 1 tsp vegetable oil into a pan of boiling water. Add the pasta and leave to cook until al dente.
2. Fry the bacon in 1 tsp oil.
3. Put the chopped tomatoes, oregano, salt and pepper into the pan with the bacon. Leave to simmer on a medium heat.
4. Drain the pasta and add to the sauce.
5. Stir the sauce to cover the pasta.
6. Serve and enjoy!

Dairy free and egg free homemade pasta sauce ingredients: chopped tomatoes, black pepper and dried oregano.
Dairy free and egg free homemade pasta sauce ingredients.
Fry the bacon and cook the pasta.
Fry the bacon and cook the pasta.

Tasty, quick and easy pasta sauce recipe. Enjoy!

A Fantastic Dish for Students, After Work and After School

I found this a great recipe to use as a student.  It  is also a quick, easy and filling meal to make after work when I have very little time between getting home and starting to work from home again during the evening.  My children also love this dish.  They always clean their plates when we have this after school.

My children love helping me to measure out the pasta (I am not good at this as I always put way too much in. It’s a good job they are there to help me get it right), as well as to mix the ingredients for the sauce.  H often makes sure she taste tests the pasta before I serve it.

Alternative Pasta Sauces to Try

This pasta sauce recipe lends itself to having more vegetables added to it.  In the past, I have added grated carrot to it, sliced carrot also works well.  Broccoli and chopped onion with a hint of crushed garlic are also tasty additions to this dish.  Also, I have, on occasion, swapped the oregano for basil that gives this a different flavour even though the base ingredients are the same.

This dish is so versatile, family and allergy friendly that it is a recipe that we will continue to use again and again throughout the coming years.  Maybe one day, it will be a dish that my children can cook when they leave home.


Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Post.

Delicious Dairy Free and Egg Free Apple Pie Recipe

Delicious and simple dairy free and egg free apple pie recipe.

After spending time picking up fallen apples from my Gran’s apple tree, we blanched some then made this delicious apple pie recipe.  This recipe has always been made by Gran and Mum so I am carrying on the tradition by making it for my children.  They both really enjoy tasting this recipe.

Apple Pie Recipe

You need:

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How to Blanch Apples

How to blanch apples this autumn.

It is that wonderful time of year again, where collecting fallen apples and making apple pie is a must.  My son absolutely loves apple pies, especially when we have been able to collect the fallen apples from his Great Gran’s apple tree.  Here is how to blanch apples.  My Mum has been doing it this way, for what seems like, forever.

What to do if you have too many apples: how to blanch apples

We managed to collect a few too many this year.  We really don’t like seeing food go to waste.   I peeled, cored and blanched the apples that were spare. Continue reading How to Blanch Apples

Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection

Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

As part of the Summer 2016 Cooking with Kids with 3 Princesses and 1 Dude, we have made a Delicious Dinosaur Dinner.  This is a recipe that children can make with very little adult support.  All recipes are dairy free but you can substitute the soya products with dairy ones, if you wish.  Both children really enjoy anything with a dinosaur theme so they were very excited about having a special dinosaur dinner.

Cooking with Kids: Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

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Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe

Dairy free Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Cooking with KidsWe have made these delicious Volcanic Ice Lollies as part of 3 Princesses 1 Dude’s A-Z Cooking with Kids blog hop.  You may have also seen our other post Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection, with some other recipes related to this theme.  You can also check out the Dinosaur Party Ideas post for more ideas.

As we had some frozen berries left over from the Lava Smoothies, we decided to use them in this recipe.  You can just as easily use raspberries or strawberries instead. We decided to make four different versions of this recipe to see which we liked the most. We made Berry Ice Lollies, Berry, Vanilla and Coconut Ice Lollies, Half Berry-Half coconut Ice Lollies and Coconut-Berry Burst Ice Lollies. Both of my children have loved the idea of dinosaurs for many years. Their visit to the Natural History Museum in London to see Dippy, the Diplodocus, inspired them to ask more questions about that pre-historic time. Following on from their interests in this topic, the finished versions of these lollies all reminded us of the lava flowing from a volcano so we decided that they were Volcanic Ice Lollies.

Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Four Versions

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