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How To Get More Of Your Five A Day

Convenience food is at an all time best isn’t it? Microwave burgers, rice and everything nice. Meals you pour hot water over and eat out of a pot. Ready made everything that you can eat out of the packet, or chuck in the oven for half an hour and it’s cooked. Then there’s the various street vendors and high street chains offering high quality tasty treats for super low prices and all ready almost instantly. Food is definitely, the most convenient it has ever been.

The problem with this is, we as a country are also more obese than we have ever been before. Studies show that in 2015 nearly 70% of men in the UK were obese, and nearly 60% of women were also found to be obese. Rising trends tracked from 2001 show that this percentage has been constantly rising over the years. This is not just because of convenience foods, lack of exercise, computer games, busy lifestyles or any one factor, it is because of a combination of things leading to any one person piling on the pounds unknowingly. Continue reading How To Get More Of Your Five A Day

5 Great Nights in That Will Put The Pub to Shame

Wintertime is upon us, and no one really feels like venturing out and braving the weather just to go to the same old local. While the pub or local bar might not be appealing, we have to remember that it’s important to socialise and keep in touch with friends, even if all we feel like doing is hibernating! Why not organise a night in with friends? It’s cheaper, more creative and guaranteed to warm everyone’s spirits during this cold time of year. Here are some ideas for how to host an unforgettable night in with friends.

1. Homemade Non-alcoholic Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

Night In. Photo provided by Shine PR. ID:150523649

Sometimes you have to put the kids to bed and get down to business with the grown-ups! Non-alcoholic ocktail parties offer much more than the pub and at a fraction of the cost. Choose an exotic non-alcoholic cocktail or two and all pitch in for the ingredients. Continue reading 5 Great Nights in That Will Put The Pub to Shame

Tangle Teezer Hairbrushes for Long Hair

The Tangle Teezer hair brush has made our lives so much easier over the past couple of years.  For a long time, both my daughter and I have struggled to find the right hair brush that takes the knots out without pulling.

We have tried a variety of hair brushes over the years.  From wide toothed combs to fine toothed combs to barrel brushes.  Nothing seemed to work very well in getting those knots out of longer hair.  My daughter also has curly hair so this was an extra challenge.

Continue reading Tangle Teezer Hairbrushes for Long Hair

My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

I recently received a unique watch from JORD and it is the most unique watch I’ve ever owned.  It has been a long time since I last wore a watch.  My last watch broke and I never got round to buying a new one.

JORD unique wood watch.

Getting a Great Wood Watch that Fits Well

My wrists are quite small so I have always found it difficult to find a cool watch that would fit well.  Previous women’s watches that I’ve owned have meant that I’ve had to send each watch away for a few weeks, via the local jewellers, to get it to fit comfortably. Continue reading My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

Korean Inspired Crispy Minced Lamb with Simply Beef and Lamb with Red Tractor meat.

Korean Inspired Recipes with Simply Beef and Lamb

We were recently introduced to Korean inspired cooking with beef and lamb.  Korean cooking is a very popular trend at the moment and Simply Beef and Lamb’s Korean recipes are a great way to get experimenting with different recipes in this trend.  It is Korean New Year on 28th January so we thought we’d try some of these recipes out.

Red Tractor beef and lamb are meats that we buy regularly.  We always look out for the Red Tractor logo on meat packs to show that it is farm assured quality meat and that it has been responsibly produced by people dedicated to providing great food.

Korean Inspired Beef and Lamb Recipes

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