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My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

I recently received a unique watch from JORD and it is the most unique watch I’ve ever owned.  It has been a long time since I last wore a watch.  My last watch broke and I never got round to buying a new one.

JORD unique wood watch.

Getting a Great Wood Watch that Fits Well

My wrists are quite small so I have always found it difficult to find a cool watch that would fit well.  Previous women’s watches that I’ve owned have meant that I’ve had to send each watch away for a few weeks, via the local jewellers, to get it to fit comfortably. Continue reading My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

Cotswold RAW Dog Food Review

This is our Cotswold RAW dog food review.

We spend a lot of time searching for the right foods for mine and H’s food intolerances as well as finding recipes to suit our needs.  It has struck me that I do not tend to do the same for Floppy dog.  After being asked to try Floppy with Cotswold RAW dog food for this review, it has got me thinking more about what I actually feed her.

Cotswold RAW dog food

Tinned Dog Food and Biscuits

Floppy has a diet of tinned dog food and dog biscuits.  Previously, I started her off with left overs from our foods with her biscuits.  She didn’t always react well to them so we tried out a few different types of biscuits and tinned dog foods to see which worked best with her. Continue reading Cotswold RAW Dog Food Review

St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

We were given a Goodwill Basket from Dobies for the purposes of this review.  After spending a while online looking for the right gift basket for my Gran, I was pleased when this St Kew Goodwill Basket arrived.

St Kew Goodwill Basket

St Kew Goodwill Basket: A Great Gift

Each year, Gran buys me a meat pack from the butcher. I get her some special biscuits alongside another special gift.  She really does enjoy her puddings and biscuits but rarely has them any more.  This means that when she does have a few, they are a real treat for her. Continue reading St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

How to get your own Personalised Marmite Jar

I was so excited when I asked if I would like my own personalised Marmite jar.  Marmite has always been my favourite accompaniment to toast in the mornings.

Our very own personalised Marmite jar. A great stocking filler and gift idea.

How to get your own Personalised Marmite Jar

If you would like your own personalised jar of Marmite, all you need to do is click on the link below and fill in your details.


Continue reading How to get your own Personalised Marmite Jar

Gifts for Him

These gifts for him are great ideas for the thrill seeker in your life.  As the years go by, it gets more and more difficult to find the right gift for the people closest to you.  There is lots of choice out there which can be overwhelming.  The action filled films below would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s DVD collection.

Gifts for Him – Movie Night

Movie nights are very popular this time of year.  Actually, they are great at any time of the year.  If you have a different taste in films to your partner or any other man that you are buying for, it can be difficult to know which films are the ones that they would enjoy the most.  It’s hard to choose a DVD for someone else when you’re not really clued up on the new releases.

Top Action Packed Films for Thrill seekers

There are several must-see DVDs out at the moment.  From Batman vs Superman to Mad Max Fury Road, there are a few films that the man in your life would think are worth watching.

Here are a list of our favourites, that would make great gifts for him:

Gifts for Him with Warner Bros. Action films on DVD are great Christmas, Fathers' Day or Birthday gifts for the man in your life.
Gifts for Him with Warner Bros. Action films on DVD are great Christmas, Fathers’ Day or Birthday gifts for the man in your life. Photo supplied by Warner Bros./HMV.

Continue reading Gifts for Him