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My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

I recently received a unique watch from JORD and it is the most unique watch I’ve ever owned.  It has been a long time since I last wore a watch.  My last watch broke and I never got round to buying a new one.

JORD unique wood watch.

Getting a Great Wood Watch that Fits Well

My wrists are quite small so I have always found it difficult to find a cool watch that would fit well.  Previous women’s watches that I’ve owned have meant that I’ve had to send each watch away for a few weeks, via the local jewellers, to get it to fit comfortably. Continue reading My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

We were given a Goodwill Basket from Dobies for the purposes of this review.  After spending a while online looking for the right gift basket for my Gran, I was pleased when this St Kew Goodwill Basket arrived.

St Kew Goodwill Basket

St Kew Goodwill Basket: A Great Gift

Each year, Gran buys me a meat pack from the butcher. I get her some special biscuits alongside another special gift.  She really does enjoy her puddings and biscuits but rarely has them any more.  This means that when she does have a few, they are a real treat for her. Continue reading St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

Popular Christmas Blog Posts on Dillydrops

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would share some of our popular Christmas themed review posts to help you get prepared for this festive season.  Even though we tried to start our Christmas shopping earlier this year, there still seems a lot that we need to do before the festivities get under way. Looking through our Christmas blog posts archive, I realised that we have reviewed many great products and services that can help us to get ready for this expensive time of the year.

Popular Christmas Blog Posts: Gifts

Continue reading Popular Christmas Blog Posts on Dillydrops

Heavenly Tasty Organics Low Sugar Snacks Review


I have struggled to find suitable snacks for my daughter due to her food intolerances.  Options for dairy free snacks have always seemed quite limited to us.  After being contacted by Heavenly Tasty Organics about some low sugar snacks, I was pleased to hear that some of these snacks don’t contain cows’ milk.  They are, however, produced in a factory that handles milk.

Sometimes, it is nice just to be able to pick up a snack to take out with us rather than have to make it from scratch.  We like to have foods that are more convenient sometimes.  We received a box full of different low sugar snacks.  Some of these were dairy free and others were not.  My daughter has tried all of the dairy free low sugar snacks and my son has eaten the other organic treats in there. Continue reading Heavenly Tasty Organics Low Sugar Snacks Review

Real Baking Cake Pops Kit Review

We were excited to be reviewing the Real Baking Range’s Cake Pops Kit. I have always wondered how cake pops were made and we were eager to find out. We have also been reviewing the Real Baking Range’s Chocolate Pen, Great Baking Set and the Cookie Kit. We have really enjoyed using these to get baking after watching the Great British Bake Off on television.

The Real Baking Range Cake Pops Kit

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