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It is very important to get your boiler serviced regularly. Plumbing, heating, heating engineers.

The Importance of Servicing the Boiler

After a friend of mine had a scary experience with her boiler, we have all realised the importance of servicing the boiler regularly.

Visiting Baby

My friend recently had a baby. When her baby was a few weeks old, we spent some time visiting and meeting baby. We were having a lovely day with lots of baby snuggles when we decided to go for a walk into town to help baby go to sleep after all the excitement of meeting new people.

A Smell of Gas in the Kitchen

On our return, I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Continue reading The Importance of Servicing the Boiler

3 Reasons Why Family is Important

Here are 3 reasons why family is important to us and how we try to include family time as much as we can.

Throughout my life, I have always been close to my family.  Christmas would always involve having a big family meal with my grandparents, Great Granny, aunties, uncles, cousins, everyone!  Some years we hadn’t seen each other for the whole year but we still met up for Christmas dinner.


Reasons Why Family is Important: Making the Most of the Time we Have Together

Christmas nowadays is different.  Since becoming a single parent, a lot has changed within our family unit.  A lot has changed with our extended family too.  Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Family is Important

Eye glasses holder from UncommonGoods.

Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts

Each month we seem to lots of time choosing amazing gifts for family and friends.  Birthdays, anniversaries  and other occasions such as  graduations take time to think of new ideas for gifts.  The more occasions that go by, the more difficult it is to find those perfect gifts.

Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts

After searching through many gift companies on the internet, a great website called UncommonGoods was recommended to me.  This company works hard to run their business with sustainability in mind.

They are increasingly providing products that are socially and environmentally friendly.  UncommonGood uses many different ways to make customers aware of environmental issues as well as Continue reading Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts

Caring for your dog during winter: 6 top tips

Caring for your Dog During Winter: 6 Top Tips

Caring for your dog during winter is something that we’ve not always found easy.  As a child and an adult, I have always had a dog to care for.  When I was younger, Mum did the majority of looking after our dogs.  As I became a dog owner myself, I realised that caring for a dog was not as easy as Mum made it seem.

Adapting to Different Seasons


During the summer, our Floppy dog is outside a lot.  She particularly enjoys running around in my parents’ garden.  Floppy chases the ball, runs to the fence to tell passers by not to come too close and generally doesn’t stay still for long.  S and H spend a lot of time running around with her.  They have lots of fun!


In the winter, she is totally different.  Floppy dog has never, ever liked going outside in the rain and will avoid it at all costs.  We have not had too much snow here during the almost four years that she has been with us.  When we did have snow though, she was curious to start with.  After that, she wasn’t so keen at all.  I know a lot of people that don’t like the rain or cold weather so dogs aren’t too dissimilar to humans.  It think this is good to keep in mind when caring for your dog during winter. Continue reading Caring for your Dog During Winter: 6 Top Tips

3. Comb the hair after washing.

How to Care for Curly Hair to Stop it Getting Knotty

It has taken us several years to finally figure out how to care for curly hair to stop it getting knotty.  H’s very curly hair is beautiful but became difficult to maintain.

How to Care for Curly Hair to Stop it Getting Knotty. We've been discussing hair care, hair loss, Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) and the best ways to keep curly hair tangle free.

Trying Different Hair Care Products

Over the years, we have used many different products on her hair.  From tangle free shampoos to leave in conditioners to pouring lots of rinse out conditioners on her hair.  Nothing seemed to work for very long or at all.

We have also been through our fair share of combs and brushes.  Not many worked for us.

Knots in Hair

When she was around four years old, H had terrible knots of hair at the back of her head.  She had grown impatient of sitting down for long periods of time while I combed her hair.  As she slept, the hair got more and more knotty on the part of her head that touched her pillow the most.   The combination of less combing and it tangling up in her sleep meant that there was very little I could do.

Continue reading How to Care for Curly Hair to Stop it Getting Knotty