Children’s Book Reviews

Here are a list of our children’s book reviews so that you can quickly find the children’s book review that you are looking for.  We have also included some activity ideas to go with some of these reviews.

Children's Book Reviews on Dillydrops

Our Children’s Book Reviews for 0-7 Year Olds

One Tiger Roars from Parragon Books.

Sticker Activity Books from Little Tiger Press.

Nina Goes Barking Mad! by Anita Pouroulis.

Noisy Dinosaurs: A Noisy Touch-and-Feel Book, by Jonathan Litton from Little Tiger Press.

What’s the time, Clockodile? by Jonathan Litton and Illustrated by Fhiona Galloway (Little Tiger Press: My Little World series.

Animal Jigsaw and Sticker book from Little Tiger Press.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Holly’s Birthday, from Penwizard.

How you were born, by Monica Calaf and Mikel Fuentes.

How to Catch a Star, by Oliver Jeffers, HarperCollins Publishers.

Our Children’s Book Reviews for 7-11 Year Olds

Steampunk Pirates series, by Gareth P Jones, from Little Tiger Press/Stripes Publishers.

Jules and Nina Dine Out by Anita Pouroulis.

Dog on Stilts, by James Thorp and Angus MacKinnon.

12 Books to Read Before you Die recommendations.

When the Dragons Came…, by Naomi Kefford and Lynne Moore.

Paper Dolls, by Julia Donaldson.

We will be adding more book reviews with some craft activities to go with them.  Are there any books that you would like us to review?  Which are your favourite children’s books?






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