How to Choose Your Ideal Conservatory


After spending time redecorating and improving my home this year, I am starting to think about what my ideal conservatory would look like. It would be great to have an extension to our house. As I started to scour the internet for ideas and designs, I developed sense of my ideal conservatory.

How to Choose Your Ideal Conservatory

Reasons to Have a Conservatory

One of the reasons for wanting a conservatory for our extension is that it would be great to have an extra room. When I considered moving home a few years ago, I looked around a few houses before I decided to stay where I was. I did learn that the main thing I looked out for when considering a new home, was the amount of natural light being brought into the property from the windows.

My current home has a lot of natural light and I love it. I think that adding an extra room that allows as much light as possible into our home would be ideal for our family. A conservatory would do just that.

How to Choose Your Ideal Conservatory

There are several different types of conservatory to choose from. I like the idea of a lean to conservatory. Other types available include orangeries, P or T shaped conservatories, sunroom conservatories, Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories and gable end conservatories.

With so many styles and price ranges to choose from, to choose your ideal conservatory, I think it is good to have a look through some pictures of the different types. There are some great photographs on the Trade Conservatories to You website, in the ‘Gallery’ section.

I chose two styles that I thought would look best with the style of my home and the size of conservatory I was thinking about getting. I really like the lean to conservatories and the Edwardian conservatories, with the Edwardian style being my favourite.

Spending some time thinking about houses that you have visited, from friends and family to more commercial places, including showrooms, you have been can help too. Many people have conservatories and you can certainly get a feel of what your preferences are from experiencing these conservatory styles first hand.

Edwardian Conservatories

My preference is the Edwardian conservatory style. I like the look of the small brick wall around the base of the conservatory. I also like that there is an option to have a glass roof to let even more natural light in. Having double glazed windows is a fantastic addition, meaning that this extra room can be used all year round. The option to have a bi-fold door is also very appealing. I think it would be great to have the doors open to enjoy a lovely summer’s day.


Which type of conservatory would you choose? Which features do you look for when choosing an extension for your home?

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    We moved late last year and we have a lot to do to the new house decorating wise, we are also hoping to extend at some point and add a conservatory which I can turn into an relaxing space xx