Christmas Card Wishlist

As Christmas is fast approaching, I have been on the look out for some Christmas cards to send this year.  I was pointed in the direction of a wonderful website with, what I consider, a huge range of cards that I can personalise by putting our own photographs on them.  I realised recently that many of my photographs have remained digital, being on the computer or on my camera.  Unfortunately, I have not had any printed off for over a year now and my parents, grandparents and other family members have been asking for some more recent photographs of our little family.  The Minted Christmas card collection seems to offer what I have been looking for, with regards to combining some more recent photos of us with their Christmas card designs. I have spent a good while looking at the various Christmas card designs.  It has been very difficult to choose my favourites!  I have narrowed it down to about three though, or four, I think.

I like Complete Tree as this design means that I can put several different photos on one card.  I am not very good at choosing just one photo to put on a card so this one would be great for me.  I can choose which colour background I want.  In this case, I think I would choose green.  For any card design, I can also choose the shape of the card that it comes on and whether I want it to be a flat card or a fold card.  I can even choose which type of paper I can have it on, although some of the papers and different shapes mean an extra cost.

The second Christmas card design that I like is Instant Film:

This design reminds me of my Grandparents and I think that, with the right photo, they would love to receive this card. Other Christmas card designs that stood out for me were Merry Wish and Winter Joy. It would be easy to spend a long time sorting through and choosing which cards you would like to send to loved ones this Christmas.  Each card has lots of different options on it to make it more personal.

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