Christmas Eve Dillydrops Roundup

It's Christmas EveWe are very excited about the fact that it is Christmas Eve today!  We will be spending the day doing relaxing activities from S and H’s Christmas Eve boxes.  We have written some great posts lately.  Here is a roundup, in case you missed any.

Our Christmas Eve Roundup

How to get your child to sleep on Christmas Eve A very useful guide, if you struggle to get your little one settled on one of the most exciting evenings of the year.

Top 3 children’s gifts for Christmas 2015 Do you agree with these?  What would be on your top 3 children’s gifts list?

How to keep your dog safe this winter This is a very important post about our four legged family members.  There are several surprising things to think about in this post.  A must read for anybody with a dog.

12 facts you didn’t know about Christmas This is a fun infographic explaining some great facts about Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas movies Our very favourite Christmas movies.  Several of which we will be watching today!  Which movies would be in your top 10?

Christmas Crafts #BostikBloggers  Our final Bostik Bloggers craft to round off a year of crafts on Dillydrops.

Wicked Uncle toy review  A great selection of toys from this online retailer, with very useful little extras.

Portable North Pole video review Special videos from Santa and his Elves for the special little (or big) people in your life.  You can find a 20% off code on here too.

Our Christmas wishlist with House of Fraser  Lots and lots of affordable toys and other items from House of Fraser.  Here our wishlist.

Our UK Seaside Staycation Bucket List for 2016  Thinking ahead to warmer time in 2016.  Where would you like to visit next year?


We hope that all of our readers have an amazing Christmas Eve and that Santa brings you and your little ones everything that you have wished for.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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