Christmas Wishlist For Dad

I am have been thinking very hard about my Christmas Wishlist for my Dad this year.  I have been unsure what to get him as he usually asks for wine but as he has made his own wine this year, I have decided that buying this was not really necessary. My Dad started his working life as a joiner and as his skill set grew, he worked on many houses and new builds as part of this.  He even, with my Granddad, built my childhood family home. 

Over the years, he has made us beds, sets of drawers, dressers, door stops, games, wardrobes… all sorts!  Although he has since changed the type of job he does, he is still very interested in woodwork.  Recently, he has organised his workshop again with the intention of starting to make more furniture and other wooden items in the New Year. With this in mind, I thought that he would appreciate some winter work-wear.  It gets very chilly in his workshop, especially this time of year, so I thought that something like that would be ideal for his Christmas gift this year.

Here is my Christmas Wishlist for my Dad:

As I have already bought one gift for my Dad as joint present to both parents, (I’ll not say what that is though, as he might read this…) but I thought that some of these would be great as a stocking filler/extra gifts just for Dad.  I really like the look of all of these and the fact that they are all under £20 is even better.

I think the long sleeved polo shirt looks very smart, for a work top.  This has a RRP of £19.95.  I also like the extra thick trainer socks (RRP £7.95) as a traditional Dad gift in our family.  His hat has been worn lots over the years an doesn’t look like it is keeping him as warm as it should so I think the peaked beanie with ear flaps would be great for him (RRP £11.95).  Another great item that I think my Dad would appreciate would be the bottle-opener belt (RRP £11.95).  If you would like to look at the whole winter range, you can find it here. My Dad has used the Scruffs brand of work wear before and he has always said that it is well made and is hardwearing.  I am looking forward to seeing his new wooden creations in the New Year.

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