Christmas Wishlists for Children

I’ve not quite completed my Christmas shopping yet so I have been thinking about my Christmas wishlist for me seven year old son, S, and my three year old daughter, H. My Christmas wishlist for my son has a Science theme as he is very interested in this at the moment.  He is obsessed with rocks, minerals and fossils at the moment so when I saw this Break Open Real Geodes set, I thought it was ideal for him.  Breaking open these rocks and finding crystals inside would be a great activity for my son to take part in.

I also found this, Trends UK Crystal Growing set that he has asked for.  We had a crystal growing kit before but were only able to grow two crystals from it.  My son has hoped all year for a new set.  He says that he wants to be a geologist when he grows up. S also asked for a Make Your Own Perfume set.  He enjoys making perfumes , using petals and water, for his sister, his Grandma and myself.  He asked if he could have a set so that he could experiment by making different scents.

For my daughter, I had a look on Christmas Toy Monitor to compare prices in different stores for toys.  It also let me click through to view some voucher codes that I could use to save some money on my purchase.  From there, I found Kidizoom Smart Watch that would be ideal for her. As H and I have had trouble with de-tangling her beautiful curly hair this year, we have tried to start making hair brushing more fun.  I think that this Vanity Unit would help her even more.  I can just imagine her sitting, looking in the mirror, using the comb herself to practice brushing her own hair. I really do think that I need to complete my Christmas shopping very soon.  It isn’t very long until Christmas now!

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