Clean House Tips for Home Sellers


The goal of a house for sale is to make it attractive to as many potential buyers as possible. Cleaning the house thoroughly is the best and most cost-effective way to make it attractive to potential buyers. This is how to quickly clean your house.


Potential buyers might not be able to see beyond clutter and dirt. Potential buyers may not see past clutter and dirt if the house is overflowing with owner’s stuff. A lot of clutter can also pose a safety and buying risk. Someone who falls on items that have been left on stairs will not feel good about their home. A clean and tidy environment is much more appealing than one that is messy.

Start by removing all items from the house including the attic, garage and basement. Good condition items can be donated or sold. You can dispose of the rest. Potential buyers will find their rooms appear larger, closets will be bigger, and shelves will appear larger.


The rooms that are most important to potential buyers should be your living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. Consider each room from the perspective of a potential buyer and determine what is most appealing. This is the starting point of the cleaning process. Next, clean each room according to the left-to right, top-to bottom rule. This ensures that no surface is missed.

Pay special attention to your bathrooms and kitchen. To ensure that cleaning products are suitable for the surface being cleaned, read the labels. Abrasive cleaners are more effective at removing hard-to-remove dirt like grease and food particles. They may not be suitable for hard surfaces like laminate countertops or solid surface countertops. Liquid and gel cleansers tend to be less abrasive that powders.

Spray cleaners can be used for small areas such as countertops. Powders and liquids that are mixed with water in a pail are better for large areas such as floors and walls. The residue of cleaning solutions can cloud floors, making them appear dirty. Use a no-rinse cleaning product to prevent this.


Bathrooms are a particularly vulnerable area for mold and mildew. Potential home buyers are becoming more aware of the dangers that mold can pose to their health due to all the media coverage. To remove mildew stains on shower doors, grout between tiles and shower curtains, use liquid household bleach or cleaners that contain bleach.

For mirrors and shower doors, use a non-streaking cleaner such as a glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner. Regular cleaning will ensure that things stay clean. This includes rinsing the tub and using a small squeegee to wipe down shower walls after every use.


  • Vacuum the windows and vacuum drapes. Dust thoroughly. Dusting products can trap dust and keep it from being scattered in the air. Vacuum regularly, using long straight strokes.
  • You can clean your surfaces with a soft cloth to remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints if repainting is not possible. Most painted surfaces can be washed, but it is best to test the cleaning solution first on an inconspicuous surface. You can use an all-purpose, non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid streaks when cleaning large vertical areas. Start at the bottom, work your way up and use a circular motion.
  • Your home will look its best if you keep on top of your cleaning chores.

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