Congenital Heart Defects: Heart Week 2015

Tiny Tickers are a Charity helping to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).  Heart Week starts on 7th until 14th February 2015, here Tiny Tickers  are working to raise funds to train more health care professionals and to support families affected by CHD.

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital Heart Disease is an umbrella term for several congenital heart conditions.  Today, I have learned that 1 in 125 babies are born with CHD per year in the United Kingdom.  This figure is much higher than I had imagined and means that each year about 5,000 babies are born with a heart defect.  Out of this figure, 3,000 babies require major surgery, although some will have a milder form that does not require this sort of intervention.  Over 1,000 babies will be diagnosed after birth but 1,000 others will have their heart defect undetected.  Tiny Tickers are working hard to change this figure so that babies are not going home with problems that nobody realises that they have.

You can read Robbie’s Story here, about how important it is to get an early diagnosis of CHDs.  The hospitals do a great job of finding these heart defects already, with pregnancy scans and midwife checks but more funding would help to diagnose even more babies.

How can I get involved in Heart Week?

There are various ways that you can take part in Heart Week:

  • By guessing how many sweets in the jar, in association with Swizzels Matlow;
  • By registering for a free Heart Pack
  • By fundraising, at any time, even if it is not during Heart Week.  The Tiny Tickers website has more information.
  • Other ways that you can take part can be found on the Heart Week-We Love Hearts page.

You can find Tiny Tickers on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also use #WeLoveHearts to find more blog posts and other information on Social Media.

I'd love to hear what you think about this. Thank you!