The Dangers of Biting Fingernails

Since I can remember, I have had an awful habit  of biting my fingernails.  At one point, I stopped for about three years and loved having nails on my fingers.  I think that I do it to take my mind off things that I worry about but when I’ve stopped fretting, I continue to bite them just out of habit.  It is one that I find hard to break, unfortunately.  I have now found the, not so ideal, solution to this problem.

On Thursday, I bit one of my nails down too low.  While tidying some toys away, I then hit my finger on the edge of a tile.  After that, I managed to hit it on a door frame and several other things.  I don’t know whether I was being extra clumsy that day or if I could just feel every knock more painfully due to how I’d hurt it in the first place.  On Thursday evening, my finger began to swell around the nail.  I spent the night in pain and didn’t sleep much as the pain got worse.  In the morning, I managed to nearly faint and felt very sick.  I don’t usually react like this to pain so I was a bit worried but thought it would calm down.

Paronychia nail infection
Paronychia nail infection

I went to get some painkillers from the chemist but these didn’t really help much.  By this time, my finger had swollen even more and I couldn’t bend it any more.  The doctor diagnosed me with having a nail infection called paronychia and gave me some antibiotics and told me to continue to take the painkillers.  I felt quite foolish going to see the doctor about this self-inflicted injury.  I didn’t know that biting my nails would ever cause me this much pain.  It is quite unbelievable how much pain it is causing me, to be honest and I’ve been on the tablets for three days now.

My finger is very swollen
My finger is very swollen

So, I have certainly learnt my lesson this week.  Biting fingernails can be dangerous!  I will remember this pain that I am enduring and I will not bite my fingernails again.

Do you bite your fingernails?  Have you ever?  How did you stop?

5 thoughts on “The Dangers of Biting Fingernails

  1. Ouch! That looks really sore. I’ve never bitten my nails to the point it’s a problem but that would definitely put me off. I hope your finger gets better soon Zx

  2. That looks sore! I’m trying to stop my daughter from biting her nails. Maybe I should show her this. Get well soon! Hx

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