After collecting various ideas from Pinterest, home interior blogs as well as the Dulux and VELUX blinds websites for the past year, I have finally been able to start re-decorating several rooms in my home. My new kitchen is almost complete, after months of mistakes from the company I chose to fit it. We decided that Dad would finish the kitchen, with it taking him a couple of days to put right the mistakes that had been made. I still have the job of sanding the walls, as the kitchen fitters and the plasterer were unable to make the walls smooth enough to paint on. My kitchen is only small and should have only taken about one day for the kitchen company to fit in the first place, so this was quite frustrating for us.

My house has felt messy during these months, with half my kitchen being stored in the living room and some of the items from my living room being placed in my bedroom. Now that the kitchen is finally finished (thanks, Dad!), I have been able to clear everything away and put it back in the right rooms. Luckily, this has coincided with the start of the summer holidays so I have set aside some time to decorate the kitchen, my bedroom and the living room.  All of these rooms are long overdue a makeover, plus the fresh plaster on the walls in the kitchen means that it needs sanding and painting.

After months of collecting various paints for the different rooms and reading many inspiring websites, I have been finally able to begin to bring these ideas to life. My bedroom is the first room to be decorated this summer, after almost ten years of being the same colours. I felt like it needed lightening up so opted for a vintage white. I think that having light coloured walls means that I can change the look of my bedroom by simply changing the colours of my blinds/curtains or bedding. I really like the look of these VELUX blinds. I have been trying to choose between the VELUX Duo Blackout Blind in pale pink/white, essential pattern/white and dark brown/white.

These VELUX blinds will allow me to control the amount of light getting into my room. They will also allow me to block out the light from the street lamp outside my window. I like that these are easy to install and are energy efficient. After my bedroom has been painted, the living room will be next and the kitchen will be the final room to be painted. As I don’t get to paint the walls very often, I have been really enjoying it. Mum has been a fantastic help and S and H have enjoyed ‘helping’ too. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the rooms with clean, refreshed walls and décor.

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