Dog on Stilts Book Review

Reading Dog on Stilts
Dog on Stilts was a big hit in our house!

We were given a copy of, ‘Dog on Stilts,’ by James Thorp and Angus MacKinnon to review.  We received a lovely hardback version of this.  Immediately, the autumnal colours and almost 1960s-style drawings of the front cover stood out for us as something different.  We were also able to use a link on the Internet to hear the musical version of this story by the Superhairies.

What is ‘Dog on Stilts’ about?

‘Dog on Stilts’ is a story of Medium Dog.  He feels like he is too ordinary and average so he decides to make himself some stilts to make him stand out from the crowd.  We follow him on his journey from him feeling down about his feelings that nobody notices him, to his idea to build and enjoy using his stilts to the attention that he gets.  When things don’t go to plan, his friends remind him that he is special to them just the way he is.  But does Medium Dog learn his lesson from his attention seeking mission?  You shall have to read the story to find out.

What did we think about it?

Both my children, S aged seven years old and H aged three years old, really enjoyed this story.  I read it to them, straight from the book, to start with.  I wasn’t expecting the layout to be as it was and was thrown a bit by it, to be honest.  The pages were in portrait orientation sometimes and in landscape at other times.  The first time we read it, I lost my flow a bit and so the actual story wasn’t put across to my children properly.  I think that it would have been a good idea to have read this to myself first, then to have read it to the children.  I do think that this is a good idea though as the next few times we read it, the children liked helping me with which way up to hold the book.

Some of the pages were this way round
Some of the pages were this way round
Dog on Stilts pages changed orientation
Dog on Stilts pages changed orientation

We listened to the Superhairies’  musical version of ‘Dog on Stilts’ on the iPad and both children loved it!  They were very excited about the music as it followed the story but with a few extra embellishments.  They liked following the words in the book and singing along themselves. We listened to it quite a few times…ok maybe more than that.

Enjoying Superhairies reading of Dog on Stilts on the Internet
Enjoying Superhairies reading of Dog on Stilts on the Internet

My son said that he liked the drawings in this picture book as he said that they were a bit different in colour and style to the picture books were are used to reading.  Both children enjoyed counting all of the houses and the dogs on certain pages of the book.  This helped my three year old with her counting too.

Counting the dogs
Counting the dogs

Where can I find out more about ‘Dog on Stilts’?

You can find out more about and hear ‘Dog on Stilts’ and the other books in this series, including ‘The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race’ as well as the next book which, although a secret so far, which sounds just as funny and zany.

You can find Superhairies on Twitter and Facebook and buy ‘Dog on Stilts’ from Amazon.  ‘Dog on Stilts’ has a rrp of £10.99.


Disclosure: We were sent a copy of ‘Dog on Stilts’ for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.


  • Ooh great idea to get them counting – I hadn’t thought of that as an advantage! It’s a lovely book 🙂

  • I think my son would enjoy this book, I can see why they changed the way the pages are orientated but I think it obviously does make it harder to read! Lovely illustrations though.

  • sure my littlest would love this book too

  • Aw this looks like a lovely book – my two are a bit old for it now but it looks like one they would have loved when they were younger x

  • Kara

    Looks an interesting book, I love that you have to turn it around

  • beautykinguk

    Sounds like an interesting read!

  • This is now Fran’s favourite book (over the Gruffalo), she keeps asking for the dog with the poorly head! xx

  • Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    What cute illustrations! And a nice touch, to have accompanying music.

  • Agata Pokutycka

    The book looks lovely. I like children books in a large size.

  • sonya

    Looks great, love the illustrations!

  • Globalmouse

    The illustrations look lovely and I like books that change direction like that!