Ed Place An Online Educational Resource – Review

A couple of weeks ago, we were given access to an online educational website called EdPlace.  This website offers online academic support for children in Year One all the way up to Year Eleven for English, Maths and Science. When I was approached about reviewing this online educational resource, I was reminded of this quote;

As a former Primary School Teacher, I am very familiar with this and have seen many children spending the first few weeks of the new term catching up to the academic level that they were at before the Summer holidays.  This was recently described by Russell Hobby, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers.  You can read what he said about this matter here.

With this in mind, I started my seven year old son with EdPlace and he will continue to use it until the beginning of September to see if this makes a difference in his readiness for school in the new term.  Due to my son’s regular reluctance to do his homework from school, I was a little concerned that he would refuse to take part in this online educational work.  I had no need to worry though, as he was very enthusiastic about this programme.

When our account was set up, I was given a ‘Parent’ account and my son was given a ‘Student’ account.  I was able to look through all the English, Maths and Science worksheets, which were set out in year group topics as well as National Curriculum title.  Choosing which educational worksheets I wanted my son to work on was straight forward and I just needed to tick which ones I had selected for him.  There was also an option to search plus an option to email EdPlace with suggestions of worksheets that you would like.  Both the Parent and Student accounts were very easy to navigate as well as being clearly written, in terms of the language used and the ease of reading the fonts used.

When completing the educational interactive worksheets, my son felt that he felt confident enough to do them on his own.  Many of the questions are multiple choice and when sentences need to be written, he was given excellent examples to follow to aid him with this.  My son particularly enjoyed completing the Science sheets and feels that EdPlace is helping him to know his times tables better.  He found the scoring system at the end of each worksheet very useful as an indicator of how well he had performed.  There is a points system, often out of ten and points are collected and shown on his home screen.  There is also a percentage score of his overall marks in each of English, Maths and Science areas. 

With sentences such as, “Wow! You got a perfect score!” he felt well motivated once he had completed each sheet and asked to do more. As he progressed, he gained more motivational, ‘Badges,’ for his home page, which pushed him on even more.  There is an option to add a, ‘Reward,’ for when your child achieves a certain number of points or a certain worksheet or worksheets.  This reward is your choice, for example, you can choose to reward your child with money, a family outing or a book.  So far, my son has been so motivated to complete the educational worksheets that I have set him that I have not needed to use this feature.

EdPlace offers tips and suggestions on how to improve answers if your child is incorrect on any of them.  My son found this very useful and felt able to try the worksheet again, at a later date, to improve his answers. Overall, my son and I are both very pleased with EdPlace as an online educational resource that can be used at home.  As the worksheets are written by teachers and are very closely linked to the National Curriculum.  I think that this is a wonderful resource that many children would enjoy.  Each child is able to work at his or her own pace as there are no time limits. 

My son feels this is helping him with his school work already and is looking forward to using it over the summer.  My son loved that he could play it on the PC as well as on the iPad. There are different pricing options available for EdPlace, including one subject (English, Maths or Science) for £8 per month or £64 per year for one child.  Or £12 per month for all subjects or £96 for the year for one child.  (Prices taken from the EdPlace website on 01/07/2014 so please check the website for current prices).  This could be viewed as an affordable option for those wanting their child to have extra tuition after school or to help with home-schooling.

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