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I was recently tagged by the lovely Bex to answer eleven questions about myself in the Eleven Things Tag.  You can read Bex’s post here. Somehow, by a fault completely of my own doing, I was tagged twice for this. You can read the answers to my questions from Zena here.  I have not been tagged for anything like this for ages so I am actually quite pleased that I get to have two goes at it and I am able to tag others to find out more about them at the end of this post.  Well, here goes… here is my Eleven More Things post:

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

Here is how I answered this question the first time I was asked, a while ago.  I started blogging as I used to spend a lot of time making scrapbooks so that I would remember as much as I could about the childhoods of my children.  As life took over, I have had less time to scrapbook so decided blogging would be a good way of doing this online instead.

2. Best book you’ve read so far this year?

I must admit that I haven’t actually read a book this year.  I spend all of my time reading blogs, writing magazines, photography magazines and education websites that I haven’t actually sat down to read a real book this year.  Maybe I should.

3. Favourite TV show right now?

Eastenders.  I don’t really get much time to watch anything other than children’s TV programmes so my half hour fix of Eastenders a few times per week is just enough for me.

4. What’s on your bucket list?

In all honesty, I am quite content with my life.  I have not really got a bucket list, as such.  I just want to spend as much time with my children, family and friends as possible and make memories as things come along.  I would like to visit France and Italy at some point and would love to take the children to Disney Land but as long as we’re together, it doesn’t really matter to me if we get to go or not.  We can have fun anywhere.

5. What has blogging done for you?

Opened up the world to me.  I feel like I have learned a massive amount.  I learned how to blog, how to incorporate social media into my blogging and how to do lots of the more technical things.  I have also had a fantastic amount of opportunities that have come from my blog.  One major one for me was when a2 Milk approached me.  I am so grateful to them for them helping me to be able to taste cows’ milk again.  Blogging has also given me much more confidence, it has made me realise that people actually do want to read what I write and they like to interact with what I have written too.  I am extremely glad of all the blogging friends that I have made on my blogging journey.  It is amazing how many people from different backgrounds that I regularly talk to via social media or their blogs. The blogging community is one that has restored my faith in the kindness of others.

6. Do you have any weird habits?

Yes.  I have to click the light switch in the kitchen several times before I go to bed. I think I do this as it is a habit to help me to focus and remember any final things I need for the next day. It’s like a memory aid.  I like to prepare everything the night before so this just helps me to have a final check in my head.  Weird but it seems to work for me.  The neighbours might think I’m signalling some kind of coded message to them though.

7. If you were to go on BGT, what would your talent be?

At the moment, that would probably being able to fall asleep while standing up! If I have some sleep then my talent would probably be playing the piano.

8. What would your last meal be?

King prawns, smoked salmon, salami, fresh coriander and Parma ham bread (made by me and my children), mozzarella (homemade), lettuce, cucumber (from my Mum’s greenhouse), strawberries and raspberries from our garden plus cherries and lychees.  If I have found an egg and dairy free crème brulee by then, I would love that for dessert.

9. What was your favourite subject at school?

History.  I loved History.  I still do.  I wanted to do it at University, alongside my Teaching Studies but I was advised that it would be better to take English as it would open up more job opportunities.  I do love English though, just ever so slightly less than History.

10. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I like to listen to music streamed from YouTube and dance around the kitchen, quite regularly.  It is great fun when the children join in too.  Sometimes Floppy dog also dances. I just hope that nobody can see us or hear my out-of-tune singing.  My daughter likes ‘All About the Bass’ at the moment. She sings this as, ‘Ba, Ba, Bix’ and is convinced they are the actual words so we all sing this when it plays.

11. Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

When I was in Year 7, I was walking with my friend on the path in the middle of school.  The path was very icy.  I’m sure you can guess what happened next.  I slipped over, onto my back quite spectacularly.  It seemed to take me ages to actually fall as I tried stopping myself for a while.  I must have looked very funny.  I thought that only my friend had seen but as I looked up, there were lots of Year 8 and 9s all laughing at me as they had watched me through the window.  I got up and laughed, even though I was in pain.  They were all pointing at me.  It was quite funny but at the time, it was very embarrassing.

Over to you

I am tagging Michelle from Day Dreams and Pretty Things, Sophie from Cotton Cloth Eco and Alex from Fuzzy Little Balrog to answer:

1.  What would be in your top five songs of all time?

2.  What is you ideal pet (real or imaginary)?

3.  What is your Summer ‘must have’ fashion item?

4.  Where would you most like to visit in the world?

5.  How would you describe your dream home?

6.  Do you get excited about Christmas all year, just in December or wish Christmas would go away?

7.  How do you relax?

8.  What is your favourite board game?

9.  What is your favourite thing about blogging?

10.  What is your most useful life hack/tip?

11.  What is the most fun thing you did as a child?

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