End Of The Holidays

We have really enjoyed the break from school, so far. Our first day of the holidays was a pyjama day, where we watched films to recover from the last few weeks of school. This is something that we do at the start of most holidays as I find that without a bit of a rest, my son is too tired to be bothered to take part properly in any other activities that we do. We have had a day out to the seaside, where we played at the arcades, had a bracing walk along the sea front plus candy floss, sweets and ice cream were consumed. Afterwards, we were able to visit Great Grandad for a couple of hours for a good old chat.

Numerous days have been spent playing board games, cutting, gluing, painting, space ship model making, reading various Hairy Maclarey and Tom Gates books as well as playing games on the iPad. As my children grow taller and taller, by what feels like, every second, they helped me to sort out their old clothes to make more room in their drawers. Again, these clothes are possibly going to be sold…one day…maybe. (See Troubles when selling my old stuff and More troubles selling my old stuff…. Sorting out these as well as the untidy bedrooms that I’d repeatedly asked them to sort out, took a good couple of days. Luckily, my Mum popped round for a day to help.

Tomorrow, the children are going to stay with their Grandparents for the weekend whilst my boyfriend and I are going to a wedding. I am quite sad that the week has passed by so quickly. I love having my children at home to spend time with. Although, I know that they will have a great time with their Grandma and Granddad plus we will have a fantastic time at the wedding, I do wish the holidays were that couple of extra days longer. How about you? Do you enjoy the holidays with the children all at home or are you counting down the days until they go back to school? It would be great to hear from you!

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