Essential Travel Checklist for Families


Whether you and your family are going abroad for a holiday or staying closer to home, it is important to take the essentials. We have compiled this essential travel checklist for families to help to get organised before your departure.

Essential Travel Checklist for Families

It can be very easy to over pack or under pack before going on holiday. Really thinking about what you actually use during a normal week can be a big indicator when choosing what to take in your suitcase. Here are some of the everyday items that are essential:

  • Passports/ID (make sure you check these are still in date for when you intend to travel)
  • Travel and health insurance information
  • Accommodation information (and an online version, as a backup)
  • Travel tickets
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush and hair bobbles
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo (unless you are ‘no-poo’)
  • Sun cream and sunglasses
  • Swimming costumes and towels
  • Phone and charger (with adapter if travelling abroad)
  • Pens and pencils with sketchbooks to keep the children entertained on the journey
  • Snacks for the journey
  • Clothes of your choice but try not to over pack on this one. Do you really need six sets of ‘just in case’ clothes?
  • Daytime footwear and evening shoes
  • Camera, to capture all of those wonderful family memories
  • A wheeled suitcase, clearly labelled with your details
  • Holiday spending money.

Things to Consider when Leaving your Home

Everyone needs to consider what is going on in your own home while you are away. Here are some things to consider before leaving home:

  • Will you ask a friend or neighbour to check your home is secure when you are on holiday?
  • Do you need to put your dog in kennels or cat in the cattery? Some need to be booked early.
  • Check the food in your fridge. You don’t want to come home to mouldy food.
  • Do you have a Smart Home System or any other device to monitor your home while you are away?  This easy to use indoor monitoring system uses its motion, temperature and sound sensors to help you to keep your home secure. Alerts are sent to your smartphone app, which can give any traveller that peace of mind while away.
  • It can be useful to book a food home delivery in advance, for your return. When considering all of the inevitable unpacking and clothes washing  you will need to do, this can be a simple way of making sure your cupboards aren’t bare.
  • Have you switched off all electronic devices? Unplugging everything that is not needed, can be a way of saving a bit of money while you are away too.

When planning to go on holiday, making sure that you pack everything you need without taking half of the contents of your house with you, can be tricky. Thinking about what you actually use in a week can help to plan what to pack.

Keeping your home safe while you are away is also very important. Having that peace of mind when you are on holiday can make you feel much more relaxed.

What would include in your essential travel checklist for families?


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