Five Inspirational Kitchen Designs

After a plumbing catastrophe during the summer, I have been searching the internet for some inspirational kitchen designs for my new kitchen.

5 Inspirational Kitchen Designs

Under my sink, one of the pipes leading to the hot top burst.  Unluckily for us, it burst just as we went out for the whole day and evening so water had soaked everything in the cupboard; it was all over the floor and had soaked into the cupboard as well as the units around it.  I’ve tried to clean it as much as I can but the cupboards have all changed shape and they smell strongly of mould.  I have no choice to but get a new kitchen.

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen as I love making free from recipes, such as this dairy free banoffee millionaire’s shortbread tray bake. I have been scouring the internet for some inspirational kitchen designs and these five designs stood out for me:

  1. I love the combination of the fresh, clean white units with the wooden table and cupboard for this one.  Photo Credits: Davonport/Homify
Kitchens : Modern kitchen by Davonport


2. I really like the idea of having no handles sticking out from the cupboard doors.  The white against the grey marble worktops works well for me.  I think this would make my kitchen feel like it has lots of light in it.  Photo Credits: In:Style Direct/Homify

Kitchen : Modern kitchen by In:Style Direct


3.  I really like the colour of the wood of this kitchen design against the crisp whiteness of the units.  I can just imagine us sitting on those chairs, having a good meal and a chat. Photo Credits: Designcubed/Homify

Courtyard House—East Dulwich : Modern kitchen by Designcubed


4. I’ve not thought of having rounded cupboards before but these look great.  I also like the sink in this one, the glass on some of the cupboards and the lighting looks very useful.  Photo Credits: PTC Kitchens/Homify

TRADITIONAL VS MODERN DEKTON : Classic style kitchen by PTC Kitchens


5.  Although I’ve looked at mainly white kitchen designs, I love this French Gray design.  It looks very homely and inviting.  Photo Credits: Chalkhouse Interiors/Homify

French Gray for a young family’s home : Classic style kitchen by Chalkhouse Interiors


There are so many inspirational kitchen designs that I had to put them on a Pinterest board.  I think that I have decided that I would love a light coloured kitchen and so far the first and last kitchen designs on this list are my favourites.

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Which one do you like the most?  Is there one particular feature that you MUST have when thinking about buying a new kitchen?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  • mygorgboys

    Wow what gorgeous kitchens – white kitchens are so stylish. We have an island in our kitchen which I just love though it can be a clutter trap so we also need lots of storage space! x

  • blogging Mummy

    I love the second picture it looks just how I would love my kitchen to look like. I love the modern clean fresh look.

  • Nicola Naessens

    Oh no, you must have been devastated to come home and find your kitchen in such a state. I am sorry that happened. The kitchens you have featured here are lovely, my favourite I think is the French Gray one, it’s quite a country style which I love. My own kitchen is a vanilla colour, some days I think it needs freshening up and other days I just see it as looking weathered, it’s had 10 years of us living in it, we’ve added character to it 😉

  • Ah I loved planning my kitchen. Although that was a few years ago, so I can’t help but be tempted by other designs and ideas…. the white units are lovely. The banoffee tray bake sounds incredible too!

  • Erica Price

    White seems to be the common theme for you. We did ours a year ago and for us storage was key (lots of it and useful storage rather than difficult corner cupboards).

  • Sarah Ebner

    I like number two, but all look fab to me. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitchen though and what happened to it. How stressful. (PS the shortbread recipe looks fab!)

  • I love the rounded kitchen. We had white units when we redid our kitchen last year but now I’m wishing we’d gone for cream. Can’t afford to change it again though so it’s staying white for a few more years!

  • Niamh Gallagher

    The first one is definitely my favourite! I like using wood for a bit of warmth. Kitchen planning is always great – I’d love a lot more storage in my own kitchen. Keep dreaming of my fantasy new extension 😉

  • Choosing a new kitchen is a minefield isn’t it?! I love the French Grey kitchen design and for me I always look for big larder/storage spaces in kitchens.

  • sarah Lea

    I LOVE number one and number four! They all look so fresh and modern. I could use a bigger counter table (like in the last pic!). My kitchen is quite big bug not spacious enough to have one of those. xx

  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Light coloured designs are definitely a great choice – we have black cabinets and it does make the room seem a little ‘dark’ sometimes! I love number one from your choices.

  • I like number 5 the most, I kinda like the traditional homey feel. I like white cupboards, but nothing too modern. We are hoping to redesign our kitchen next year, and my must have item is a belfast sink, I love them!

  • Jana Misho

    No. 2 is my favorite. There’s something about a touch of that kind of blue that makes it all more enjoyable 🙂

  • angela

    number 5 is my fave. So homely and that sink is amazing

  • Jo Smith

    Number 4 reminds me of virgin trains’ toilets!!! I love number 5, defo my kinda kitchen x

  • Sandra Conway

    oh i would nearly sell my mother for a new kitchen, we put in walnut when we built and its so dark, i wish we had gone for white kitchen, I love the first one, happy kitchen shopping

  • Kara

    We had our kitchen replaced 5 years ago but not knowing a lot about kitchens I would replace it again as hubby now works in the trade. I have seen the most beautiful blue on that I want

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    Really lovely designs, I wish I had a kitchen that looked like one of them! I think number 5 is my favourite, it looks really homely and I love that.

  • im currently looking into kitchen and bathroom design for us at the moment and its so hard to choose

  • Life With Munchers

    We currently have a white integrated handle kitchen and utility being stored in the garage, but the oil crash hit and I got made redundant, so can’t afford to fit it. Such a tease, as it was the last room to be done!

  • I love the third one down. we are currently saving for a new kitchen and I want white and wood

  • Tas D

    Ohh I love Pinterest for kitchens so much. I can be on it for ages and ages dreaming about it all. I love number 2 on here.

  • I love the curved kitchen but the final one is just absolutely perfect, my dream kitchen.

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I’m so sorry to hear about your plumbing disaster, sounds like a great reason to get a new kitchen though. I think the French Gray is my favourite, but all good choices though

  • Oh no! Naughty pipe! Our new kitchen is very similar to number 5. I also love number 1 as I love the traditional/contemporary mix x

  • My fave is number 2

  • I love them all but kitchen number 2 has to be my favourite. It is so stylish and modern. I want a new kitchen now!

  • I couldn’t do without my breakfast bar. It’s another place to sit and gives extra work space

  • Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    I do love the grey. Thanks for sharing these – we’re re-doing our kitchen at the moment, and it helps to have inspiration.

  • Oana79

    I love big, spacious kitchen so all the above would do for me! I am sorry about the burst pipe, we have one just hanging by a thread, I need to get hubby to fix it before a disaster occurs in our kitchen too!xx

  • Blue Bear Wood

    Poor you and the plumbing. I love a nice big kitchen and am just in the throws of updating mine with a lick of paint to get rid of the horrible orange pine. Number 1 would be my choice

  • My kitchen is so small I would love to do something with it that made it more usable. x

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