Getting Children Outdoors and Active


I think that it is very important to encourage children to get outdoors and be active. Giving children the expectation that they should experience the outdoors more and keep their bodies active is a great way to instil lifelong habits from a young age. Here are some ways that I encourage my own children to get outdoors and active.

Getting Children Outdoors and Active

There are a range of ways of getting children outdoors and active. We live in a town so I encourage my children to walk as much as possible. Everything we need is within a fifteen minute walk so we really have no need to get into the car for these journeys. Starting this habit from a young age has meant that my children automatically know that walking is our main travel option within our town. It has also saved us money over the years, as we have not had to pay for as much petrol to cover these short journeys.

Making Walking More Fun

Some children can feel bored with walking, especially if they are tired or just don’t feel like walking on a particular day. Heelys, like these from Skate Hut, can be a wonderful way of making walking more fun. Heelys are like trainers with wheels in the heels. Some even have lights on them as you walk.

Alternatives to Walking

Over the years, we have actively avoided using the car for shorter journeys. Sometimes the journeys have been longer than a fifteen minute walk so I have walked while my children have either used their scooter or bicycle to get to our destination. Getting outdoors and active can cover a wide range of activities. My children are really enjoying scooting and cycling at the moment but they still walk occasionally. My son has a skateboard that he would like to try out at the local skate park so this will keep him healthy and active too.

Joining a Club

Clubs are a fantastic way to get outdoors and active. My son enjoys duathlon club, where he gets to run and cycle. My daughter is hoping to join the trick scooting club, where she will hopefully learn some tricks that she can do on her scooter. It sounds like lots of fun but we will definitely need some knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet for her if she is to take part in this.

These are just a few of the ways that children can get outdoors and active during their usual journeys to school, clubs or trips into town. What do your children do to stay outdoors and be active?

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