Getting the Garden Ready for Winter


As I look out of my window at the leaves blowing across my lawn, I am starting to think about getting the garden ready for winter. Being out in the garden during the cooler months never seems as appealing to me as being out there in the summer. Nevertheless, it is important to get the garden ready for winter. Here are some of the things I will be doing.

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter: A General Tidy Up

With the recent strong winds in our area, my garden is covered in fallen leaves at the moment. I have noticed that there are a couple of shopping bags and other litter that has been blown into my garden from the bins that had been knocked over last week. All of this will need picking up.

The grass, as well as some pesky nettles, has grown longer than I would like them to be for the winter. I do like to keep the lawn a bit longer during the winter as I think (I’m no expert on this) that this helps the grass to resist the frosty temperatures a bit more than if it were very short.

Fixing the Shed and Cleaning the Paths

When the windy weather was at its worst, I managed to leave my shed door open, which was a mistake. It has meant that the door was forced back towards the fence and snapped some of the wood around where the lock is. I will be looking on the SGS website to find a new drill to help me with this task.

I think it is important to check that sheds are secure and to make sure everything is in good condition in the garden during the winter months. It is good to fix other things as well, such as fences, decking and gates. Sometimes, the weather can make a small issue much worse as the icy and windy weather takes hold. It is a good idea to pre-empt this.

We have found that using the pressure washer to clean the driveway and the paths around the garden is a good idea at this time of the year. Sometimes moss and muck can build up. With the addition of rain, these surfaces can become more slippery than they need to be.


How do you prepare your garden for the winter?

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