Getting the right amount of natural light into your home

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Getting the right amount of natural light into our home has been troublesome over the years.  In our living room, we only have one window, which means that getting the right amount of natural light into this room has been tricky. Due to the shape of the room, which is a ‘L’ shape, we put the main artificial lights on in there more often than we would like to. Our living room is at the base of our sloping drive, which means that anybody that walks past can see straight into this room.

They often have a good look in too. I’m never sure if it is because they are being nosey or because they notice that we are moving about and it catches their eye. Either way, it often feels like we do not have as much privacy as I would like. I am reluctant to close the curtains though, as this would shut out the valuable natural light that we love so much.

I have been looking into putting some extra curtains or blinds up so that we still have the luxury of the natural light through the window but the privacy of the window being covered so that people don’t look into our living room. Previously, we have had net curtains and bamboo blinds in there but both went mouldy due to the condensation on our old wooden windows. Now that we have plastic windows, our condensation issue has improved so I think it is time to look into making our living room more private again. I have been having a look at VELUX’s Webshop to see if there were any solutions to our light and privacy problem in the living room.  I have found that there are many products to choose from that would suit our needs, with options for different colours and various needs.

I think that finding the right product for us will take some consideration.  If you have read my posts before about choosing flooring for my living room or my post about my bathroom, you will know how indecisive I am when it comes to home renovation.

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19 thoughts on “Getting the right amount of natural light into your home

  1. Ooh this is a difficult one. We live on a very busy road, and it’s hard to balance that issue you mention of natural light and nosey people! Hope you get it all sorted out.

  2. My house seems to be built the wrong way and I can never get the natural light in the right room at the correct time.

  3. We used to live somewhere with exactly this problem, the balance between getting light in and not letting people see in!! It’s really tricky….most often we just kept the lounge in semi gloom!!

  4. My living room always feel dark, the sun is to the side of us so it never comes directly in and because I have no blinds at the window I do feel very open to people looking in! I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and get blinds and hope for the best. Hope you find something that works for you. x

  5. It is really hard to find the right balance between privacy and light. We have blackout blinds upstairs but venetians downstairs, which remain open most of the time

  6. I’m quite lucky with my living room, I have two large windows but my house is right on the pavement so I have to have blinds up! xxx

  7. I wish we had more natural light in our home. If I ever going to build my own house I will make a huge windows in every room.

  8. We are currently searching for curtains for our lounge and I’m not good at choosing the right look. i know what i want but interiors is not a skill for me!

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