Happy Birthday, Nina! Book Review

Happy Birthday, Nina!’ is the third book in the Jules, Nina and George series of children’s books about a girl and her two dogs;  Nina and George.  Both my children go crackers over these stories as they love dogs.  I think that they can identify with the relationship between Jules and her dogs as they have a dog of their own that they love dearly. In ‘Happy Birthday, Nina!’ Jules finds Nina’s ‘Dog Record Book,’ which tells her that Nina is about to become three years old.  H immediately shouted out that our dog, Floppy, has a book like that. 

I must admit, the amazing illustrations do look very similar to Floppy’s little book that we take to the vets when she has her injections. Jules decides to give Nina a birthday party, even though her Mum thinks dogs shouldn’t have parties.  Jules sets one up anyway and soon has a couple of friends around to play pass the parcel, wear party hats (even the dogs), musical statues and eat popcorn and jellybeans.  What could possibly go wrong?  A lot, it seems. My son and daughter had lots of giggles at this story and really enjoyed finding the butterflies hidden throughout the book.

‘Happy Birthday, Nina!’ written by Anita Pouroulis and illustrated by Agata Krawczyk (RRP £6.99 as a paperback book or £1.99 as an iBook) is intended for children aged five or over.  My daughter is three and got a lot from it.  My son, who is eight also really enjoyed the story.  The illustrations are very interesting, which meant that we were able to talk about them for a long time.  I think this author really captures the imagination of a young girl who has a fantastic relationship with her dogs.  The main character is head strong as well as being positive, hopeful and optimistic about her creative ideas.  It is a reminder of how different an outlook a child can have, with regards to them going through the key developmental process of being in the centre of their own world.

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