Home Improvements: Getting More Natural Light into the Home

3 ways of getting more natural light into the room. Sponsored Post. The issue of getting more natural light into the home has been one that I know many people find difficult.  Our home is lucky to have larger than average windows.  It still has the odd spot where we wish there was more light.  Our living room is quite large for having only one window in it so the main artificial light is on a lot.  I have been looking into ways of getting more natural light into the home.

Three Ways of Getting More Natural Light into the Home

  1. Curtain tie-backs. I have noticed that my curtains tend to cover the edges of my window.  Recently, I have added tie-backs for my curtains and it has made a massive amount of difference to the amount of natural light getting into my rooms.  So tie-backs are now in every room of my house.
  2. Paint the walls lighter colours.  My living room used to have dark purple and coffee brown walls.  Although I loved this as it felt cosy in the winter, it made the room feel darker.  Since we have added an off white-grey colour to the walls, the room has reflected the natural light much better.  Lighter walls are a must.
  3. Install aluminium roof lanterns.  I think these look very modern and brighten the room up massively.

You can find some other ideas on Wikihow and on Decorated Life.

Home renovations: getting more natural light into the home. Home interiors, white paint, white walls, home decor, roof lanterns, natural light.
Photo provided by Roof Lantern Solutions.

This beautiful home has white walls with lots of light coming through the roof lanterns, windows and patio doors.  They have even got a white floor so that the natural light can reflect even more.  Hopefully one day we’ll be able to afford to have an indoor swimming pool in our home too.  Until then though, I will just make sure that we make the most of the natural light that we have using the tips above.

How do you get more natural light into your home?



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