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Home renovations wishlist. Home imrovements, home decor, bifold doors, sponsored post.I have had a home renovations wishlist in my mind for several years now. I’ve been saving every last penny that I could over these years so that one day, I would be able to fulfil these dreams. We have spent time improving the bathroom, living room, kitchen and my bedroom. It is all very exciting! I thought that I would improve these rooms and be satisfied that they are clean and fresh. I am but now I seem to have thought of more ways that I would like to improve my home.

Home Renovations: Should we Have an Extension?

Having large, open spaces in my home is something I dream about. Flooded with lots of natural light. Our house is a good size but I would love to have an extra room one day. It would be wonderful to have a conservatory put onto the back of our home. The perfect place for a conservatory would be between my kitchen and the garden. I can just imagine sitting in there with a good book and a cup of tea. I have seen a range of different conservatories on Wickes’ website that would work well with my home.

These aluminium bifold doors would make my kitchen have even more natural light. I have two windows in there at the moment but I think these bifold doors would improve the space. They look really modern and would improve the value of my home.

Aluminium bifold doors would add value to our home. Home renovations.
Aluminium bifold doors would add value to our home. Picture supplied by FD2U.

Adding a garage, instead of having a shed, would increase the amount of storage space we have. I like the idea of having a brick built garage, instead of a wooden shed. This would be something that I would need to save up for though.

With all of these future home renovations, I will have to take some time to choose the right ones for our home. I will also make sure that I put some money aside each month so that our wishlist can be come a reality.  Our previous wishlist has been put into place and we are really enjoying using the freshly decorated space.

Enjoying time in our newly renovated and decorated kitchen.
Enjoying time in our newly renovated and decorated kitchen.

What would you put on your home renovations wishlist?


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