How to Build a Raised Garden


Gardening is a fantastic hobby to pick up, and it’s perfect as Spring is just around the corner! One reason that most people believe they can’t garden is the lack of space – most people assume gardening requires a mass amount of space. Although plants do require space to grow, a great remedy for your tight space is a raised garden bed! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re versatile, fun, and easy!

Depending on the amount of space you have available will determine the quantity of materials you need – I recommend heading over to your local home improvement store to talk about details and ensure you get the right fit. As for the tools, I’d recommend finding a reputable tool source to buy exactly what you need. Our tutorial here provides a basic overview of the best, and easiest, way to build your own raised garden bed this Spring!

1. Pick A Spot

Picking the perfect spot for your garden revolves around what you want to plant. Vegetables require a lot of sun, while some flowers need a little less. This part takes planning – so make sure you do your research so your garden will blossom!

2. Build the Bed

As we stated earlier, specific dimensions vary on your own space. However, the bed of your garden can be built out of (2) 4×4’s or even cinder blocks or bricks. The best recommendation we have here is to ensure you have at least 6” of space for your roots to grow downwards.

3. Set in Location

Place your newly built frame in position. This position should be ideal for the type of plants you’ll be growing. We recommend putting your frame on the ground, rather than a surface like pavement, because it will provide the proper drainage for your blooms. Consider stapling wide-mesh hardwire cloth to the bottom of your frame. This will allow earthworms to get into the soil and provide nutrients, but also helps keep weeds out.

4. Add the Soil and Plants

Pick a soil that works best with the type of plants you’re gardening. Set the plants in loose holes within the soil so water can reach the roots. Try and find a nutrient-rich soil, maybe mixed with compost, as it has the best results for growing plants.

5. Maintain and Enjoy!

If you picked a frame that is not rot resistant, you’ll want to maintain the quality of the wood the best you can. Water your plants in the morning, as less water evaporates than if you water later in the afternoon. Consider adding a mesh cover if you’re needing help keeping birds and rabbits away.

Building a raised garden is not difficult and it produces beautiful results. Give your backyard living areas a refresh by installing one of these raised garden beds and enjoy your blooms all season long!

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