How to choose an architect: five key questions to consider

All of us have our own dreams for our homes. One might want to add a kitchen extension to make the space more usable. Some might require a structural overhaul of a sensitive listed building. And, everyone dreams from time to time of the ultimate dream home: a unique, custom-designed, completely new house. No matter what your goals, it will be much easier to realize them if you choose an architect in glasgow who is sympathetic and can work constructively with you. We share our top tips for choosing an architect.

Our Directory should be your first stop. It is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to design, build, or furnish their space. There are more than 200 best practices in the UK, and other countries, that have been identified across many specialties.

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Learn the value that an architect adds

It’s important to remember why it is worth hiring an architect. Their contributions to a build are endless. They can negotiate often complex planning procedures and building regulations for you; create a site-specific design that maximizes natural light, space, and storage; research materials, fixtures, and finishes; and even design bespoke furniture and joinery.

The fact is that architects can increase the value of many aspects of your life. It is possible that your investment will have positive effects on your most important financial asset, your house. However, the design they create is likely to increase your quality of life and your emotional attachment to your home. You will be able to foster a productive and positive relationship with an architect if you understand their ability to do all of this.

Take a look at , and then take a second look at

Each practice has a unique style. If you have already chosen concrete for your worktops, it’s not worth hiring an architect to try to convince you.

Look at the portfolio to get an idea of what type of architecture studio you would like. Look through our Directory. Pay attention to what interests you: an exterior profile, a particular use of material or a beautifully framed view.

Although it might seem like a simple place to begin, it is a good foundation to help you narrow down your options. You’ll have to live with it.

Remember to look at completed images of work. It is important to remember that architects are not in control of things like art and furniture.

What are you looking for?

Richard Rogers is unlikely to build your extension. This is why it is important to consider the size and type of the project when choosing an architect.

Each architect on our Directory is asked to choose up to five specialisms. This allows you to filter and search for the right architect for your needs. Do you want to build Passivhauses? Choose the filter to see only those who have experience building Passivhauses. This applies to prefabricated and modular homes, new build, restorations, and many other services.

You can be creative and successful by taking a chance on a new ambitious practice without a large portfolio. If you are open to trying new things or want to work on a smaller project, it is important to consider other factors such as finding an architect who shares your values.

Talk to your family

Have you ever felt serious house envy when you saw a friend’s newly-completed basement remodel? This could be because the layout of their space resonates with them. Get the details.

If you are serious about approaching an architect based upon a recommendation, inquire where it came from and how they felt working with him. They felt heard? Did they get their brief? What was their contribution? It is important to take their answers with a grain of salt, but it is still a good idea to ask.

View completed works

There are many architects who work on both private and public commissions. If you feel drawn to one particular practice, you might be able to visit one of their publicly accessible buildings. Are you impressed by the materials used, the layout of the buildings or the fixtures and fittings used? Although some decisions are client-driven, the experience of a completed project will provide a feeling of their work.

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