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It has taken me a while to look through old photographs to create the perfect photobook for our family. There are so many memories in all of the photos we take. From all the first times my children did things, like their first Christmas to special days out, first day at school and family gatherings. It was difficult to choose!

When I look at the picture below, it brings back all sorts of memories for me.

#GiveaMemory Here is one of my favourite memories. I spent a long time making this sewn busy book and this is the moment I gave it to H. She loved it! It has been played with a lot. This would definintely need to be put into a photobook of special memories.

It is strange how one photo can make you remember things that you had long forgotten. Or so you thought.

The Day This Photo was Taken

This was the day that I finally gave H her the sewn busy book that I had spent quite some time making. I had decided not to give her the busy book until I thought she would understand how to use it and appreciate it more. I think she was about three years old.

I had made special sewn items for her before, such as the pillow with her name on that she is laying on. She loved these, and still loves them, so much!

When I gave her this sewn busy book she went through every page, checking out the different activities. She was thrilled! Telling me that each page was the “best one” was wonderful to hear. I’d put so much time and effort into making it just right for her, that this made it all worth it.

Memories of Making the Sewn Busy Book

I remember starting this book just before half way through my pregnancy. Life was so busy with work, house stuff and looking after a four year old S at the time.  I needed a project where I could sit down and rest. This sewing project was perfect for me. I remember being fed up of watching television at the time and being glad to concentrate on something more worthwhile instead.

Pinterest lured me in. Within hours (ok…days, possibly weeks) I had all of the page ideas that I would sew. The colourful felt was all ready and I got started.

It was such a relaxing project and I really enjoyed it.

A Pause in the Making of the Sewn Busy Book

All of the pages were complete. I was just about ready to bind the book together so that it would be ready for when H arrived, when I was unexpectedly launched into the world of being a single Mum. My world was so busy with organising everything that the sewing stopped. I had to concentrate on more important things at the time.

To stop myself from associating the sewn busy book with bad memories (I wanted it to be fun and special instead), I put it away. My plan was to get it out again when times were happier. This worked, as we all think of happy times when we look at this book now.

Continuing with the Busy Book

The happier times came around and I started sewing the book again. It was obvious that H wasn’t quite ready for the book yet so I bound it together and put it away for when she was ready.

As a child, I used to spend a lot of time sewing with my Mum and Gran. They always used to make their own clothes, curtains, toys, all sorts! They still make many cardigans and other sewn items to this day. Sewing always brings back such great memories of my childhood. Such happy times making different projects.

How to Create the Perfect Photobook

H still absolutely adores her sewn busy book. She has used the activities in it over and over again. It is one toy that she has taken very good care of. I was worried that she would lose lots of the little bits I had put in it. She hasn’t though so I’m pleased about that.

I think memories are such an important aspect of life. As someone that worries that I will forget these special moments, I love creating photobooks to treasure forever too. Although I have written lots of memories I have associated with this special photo of mine, there is a lot more I could have written. Just looking at photos can help you to remember so much. So many happy times.

Here is an infographic from Truprint to help you to create your own perfect photobook. In our family, photobooks are always a treasured gift at Christmas, birthdays and other occasions.

How to Create the Perfect Photobook with Truprint. #GiveaMemory. Here is a quick guide to creating the perfect photobook. We love to give photobooks as gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other special occassions. On Dillydrops blog, I have shared our special photo that I would include in our photobook.

You can find other ideas about how to create the perfect photobook as well as other special memories on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #GiveaMemory.

What is your favourite photograph of all time?  Do you create your own photobooks?

Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Post with Truprint.

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