How to Find a Good Mechanic


If you love your car like most people love their cars, then you’ve probably spent some time shopping around for the right mechanic for you and your car. Just like finding the right doctor or job, it can take time to find the mechanic that understands what you want to get out of your car and its performance. It’s important to note that while a good deal of people simply take their cars to the dealership where they were purchased, a great deal many more people go out looking for the right person for the job. Whichever route you choose to go down for the care and maintenance of your car, ensuring you are working with a good mechanic should be a priority in the life and longevity of your vehicle. Here’s how you can go about finding a good mechanic for your maintenance and repair.

First, ask around for referrals from friends and family. And then ignore all of the advice these people give you. Like having “the best doctor,” people close to you will swear by their mechanics. No one wants to admit that their doctor, or mechanic, is not the best in the business. Did you ever wonder where the doctors are that graduated at the bottom of their class? What about the mechanics? Ask people who are at arm’s length to you: coworkers, other people who drive the same car as you. Don’t be afraid to stop someone in the shopping mall parking lot and ask where they get their car serviced. Just tell them you are looking for a new mechanic.

If you aren’t interested in talking to people in public about your car maintenance, take to the web and do some research about what your options are. Car guys like Jeremy Clarkson know their stuff and are always talking about how to care for your car, whatever make and model it may be.

When you finally narrow down a mechanic, make an appointment to talk to them. Ask them about their experiences, how long they’ve been in the industry, what they would recommend for your car for ongoing maintenance and care. It is especially important to let them know your concerns for your own vehicle. Don’t worry about how much they charge just yet; there’s no point in knowing how much money they charge if you don’t like the guy. If they aren’t willing to talk shop with you, they are worth paying. Save the money talk for last.

When you are ready to come on board with a new mechanic, have a conversation about what services are included in the hourly rate. Sometimes mechanics charge a service fee on top of any work that is done, and sometimes they include the service fee in the price, overall. Make sure you are clear on where the money is going, and what it is for. You don’t want to get surprised when it comes time to pay a bill, and a good mechanic wouldn’t want that for you either.


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